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The Time Has Come - The Power Of Our Thoughts

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

There are many who still feel that the best way to move through life is to focus on the circle of events that affect them personally, and let the world worry about the world.

This perspective is no longer one that can be upheld, however, since the change in mass consciousness to become one that is more light-filled is now preventing anyone from being exempt from responsibility for the whole. Today, there is no single individual who does not have an effect on the whole, and there is no one whose thoughts as well as actions do not radiate out to touch and influence every other single being on the earth.

We are moving into a time when this becomes a known reality as well as a theoretical one, and in which it will become blatantly apparent that what I do affects you, and what you do affects me, literally. Therefore, it becomes important to learn how to guard thoughts so that they are not infiltrated by content and energy that we would rather they not have, and so they are not affected by forces we would rather not have any say over them.

Thoughts are real, just as are emotions. They govern the state of our bodies as well as the state of the world. They are powerful tools for creation, and they can be powerful tools for destruction. Thoughts of fear, especially, can determine the outcome of an entire civilization when these lead to actions that are fear-based and self-protective, and when they lead to the repression of principles of light and love that would otherwise support, enrich, and expand that civilization.

There are many currents today that support thoughts of fear. These do not only reside in the news media, but also in the kinds of humor that are found attractive, in the ways in which certain foreign groups of people are held with suspicion, or the ways in which we hold the events in life that are unpredictable and that come to us by surprise. Thoughts of fear reside in the underlying premise that we are alone to look after ourselves, and that the universe is an unpredictable and inhospitable place, therefore we must ensure that we are and will be alright.

This is not God's reality, for God's reality has no room for such thoughts in it, being based on God's thought which is that of love and blessing for each and every soul. The intentionality of Divine planning, at this time, for human beings to move beyond the confines of fear into a more open and expansive way of living is a great gift of Divine love to an awakening earth. As it begins to take hold and affect human consciousness, all the fear-based thinking which people, societies, and nations have held will come to the fore to be exposed, released, and set free, so that those who have held them can be set free.

We, as a transforming planet, are not meant to live on the earth in fear, but only in love. And yet the world has seemingly not allowed this development to take place, except around the edges. Nevertheless, the shift to a non-fear-based society is becoming evident on spiritual levels and will become even more so as the infusion of light grows stronger and erases from perception, the need for self-protection and the need to isolate oneself from the rest of the world.

The time has come to set aside thoughts of fear, and to become more diligent in the ways in which we create thoughts within our own mental house. For we are each here to help carry the earth into her new time, and we are each here to participate in the great awakening of the earth into the next stage of her evolutionary expression.

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