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The Heart Of The Earth - An Emerging Reality

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

There is a heart that beats at the center of the world, and it is the heart of humanity's Divine origin and the heart of God as well.

This heart suffers with all who suffer. It feels cold with all who are without shelter. It rejoices with those who have found their way home, and it is saddened by the loss of hope that occurs when injustice prevails and cruelty seems to be the norm. This heart that is the heart of the world is also the collective heart of humanity, and it needs to be reawakened to its true potential, for over time it has become separated from its light and its truth. Over time it has become separated from its Divine origins.

The earth itself is the bearer of this heart throughout time, holding it in reserve until such time as consciousness can awaken and human beings recognize the true nature of the bonds that exist between them. Meanwhile, over the course of centuries and eons, the earth has had to carry the suffering of humanity in total – all of the pain and all of the indifference and neglect that men have visited upon one another that time and progress in many other areas have not been able to erase. And so the suffering of the heart of the earth continues, and waits for the time when the planetary body, which includes humanity's consciousness, shall be illumined by sufficient light so that it shall be recognized as a basic fact of life that all are one, and that what is done to another or to the earth herself is done to oneself. At present, this is merely a theory for most or a speculation – something that one can agree to in principle but often not in practice. And yet the immediacy of truth comes with a kind of knowing that is similar to that which occurs when the sun appears and night disappears into morning, or when the warmth of the sun can be felt upon the skin, brushing away the residues of morning's chill. With such immediacy of feeling, and even greater than this, will come the knowing of the relationship of every living creature with every other. It will not have to be a matter of discussion, but will, instead, be a matter of embodied experience. This stage of spiritual knowing, for most, has not arrived yet, but it is on its way.

Meanwhile the heart of the earth grieves for her children who are lost to her each day – lost in pain and desolation, and victims of the cruelty and false principles that allow man to inflict incredible harm upon others in the name of God. These false principles have a great deal of power now to affect people because they are fueled by forces that intensify visceral feelings of hatred and the desire for revenge, and diminish the capacity for forgiveness and for tolerance. The earth feels each of these actions of man's inhumanity to man, and they each become part of her energy body as she waits for the advent of greater light to release her from this bondage and to release humanity from the darkness that is affecting its consciousness as well.

Over time, the presence of hatred and cruelty, of man's inhumanity to man, have played a significant role in the course of human development. They have given rise to entire civilizations and been the downfall of others. They have been the source of wars, and have often turned former victims into later oppressors. They have allowed for the destruction of property, of culture, of lands that were held as sacred, as well as permitting such violent actions as rape and enforced exile to those who appeared to be strangers or foreigners, not belonging to one's own. All this to further one's own ends, often having to do with greed and possession. This history is not the only history of the earth, for there is a light-filled side as well, but it plays a substantial part in how we have come, today, to contain many groups of people who can still legitimately seek the destruction of another group of people.

The changeover to a new consciousness is already on its way, and will become more visible with the advent of greater light which, at the same time, will bring the residual darkness that has lain in the background of consciousness to the foreground of awareness. This is what is happening today on the world stage, namely, that what is released into consciousness as residual darkness is being felt more strongly and often being acted out more ferociously. Nevertheless, the greater light will also provide the larger container into which all that is dark and unloving shall finally be absorbed and dissolved, disappearing into a vastness that is larger and more powerful than the darkness itself.

For the moment, we each aid in this process by recognizing the consequences of our every thought and action that contributes to the balance of light or of darkness upon the earth. No longer can we think of what we do as not mattering. Every action and every thought, every word spoken and every gesture, tips the balance one way or another. This is because the energy stream of collective awareness is made up of individual consciousness and whether seen or unseen, there is not one thought or action that we think or take that does not affect others. For this reason, it is a time in which we either stand with the purposes of light upon the earth by becoming contributors to that purpose, or we fail to stand in this way and detract from the power of light to overcome darkness.

As the light intensifies within each individual consciousness, bringing about greater purification, and as the earth becomes infused in her planetary body by this increasing light, it is necessary that we remain faithful to the sense of purpose that aims at transforming the planet into a habitat of peace and goodwill, where darkness, enmity, and the destruction of life anywhere will no longer seem like a viable option. This is the deepest prayer of the heart of the earth and it must become the prayer of each individual heart as well.

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