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Coming Together In The Light

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

The oneness that is shared by all of life can be perceived on many levels - in the whisper of a beloved, in the smile of a child, in the fragrance of a flower, in the graceful dance of a leaf as it falls from a tree - all of these gestures of life can touch the heart and cause it to embrace life in its fullness, to experience something of the mystery of connection that resides within all living things.

Yet, the heart may at times be overshadowed by the mind, with its rational and analytic gifts. This mind, when given priority in determining our view of life, can bring forward new understandings and visions of the possible, but it can also prevent understanding from happening and limit vision and connection. For the mind can be dismissive of the heart and invalidate the deeper intuitive knowing that springs spontaneously from the soul. When this happens, we only believe what our physical senses tell us. Then, only what is visible is perceived as real.

The truth of the heart connected with the soul is other than this. The heart in its deepest layer knows itself to be part of something larger. It feels the rhythm of life moving through it, and can acknowledge the great beauty and mystery of the universe. It does not need the mind to tell it whether a greater Life is real. It feels part of this greater Life and thus knows it to exist.

This inner knowing is brought forward when we join together with other souls in the light. Such joining can more easily release the supremacy of the mind because of the synergy that joining with others creates. This synergy can open channels to the heart and make possible that which would not be possible under other circumstances.

Light itself is the great revealer. It is the force of God's love and will united in an energetic matrix that can penetrate human consciousness in order to heal it from within.

The synergy of light, created when many come together in the light, is based on the interweaving of all the strands of light that individual souls carry within themselves, with those they can receive from higher dimensions, and those they resonate with in other souls. These multiple strands merge with each other into a stream of vast power and energy that is more than the sum of its parts. Such merging is a reason that collective consciousness can be such a powerful force in shaping individual perception. It is also the reason that consciousness can more easily bridge dimensions when joined with others as one, for the light itself finds its way back and forth across dimensions to the Source of life itself.

In prayer or meditation, when people sit together and align themselves with the Source of life and light, a great stream of holy energy is formed out of the specific intentions of those joining together. This stream has the ability to accelerate the healing and awakening of individual souls, and also the ability to broadcast its energy to the planet as a whole. Such a joining is of direct benefit to the self. It is also of direct benefit to the planet.

In the times to come, the sense of the oneness of souls will become as natural as feeling embedded and separate within one's own skin has felt natural in the past. And souls will recognize their sharing in the Oneness as simply a statement of truth and of identity, rather than something that has to be struggled to attain. Before that time, however, what is needed is the active effort of every soul who seeks to promote peace and unity, to join in heart and spirit with others, both for the purpose of individual healing, and for the purpose of healing the Earth. In this way our coming together in the light becomes a light for the planet - one that can infuse and transform this sacred globe so that it becomes a planet of harmony and light, where division and hatred can exist no longer.

For more about meditating in the light for purposes of personal and planetary healing, see One World Meditations, a global meditative effort to bring light and healing to the Earth and strengthen the planetary network of light.

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