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Why The World Cannot Wait

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

The world cannot wait for each of us to become part of its planetary body in consciousness as well as in truth. It cannot wait, because the choices we make for consciousness are no longer simply our own, but affect every other being on the planet.

This occurs because the phenomenon of light present on the earth today makes each choice of ours more powerful in its effects, more far-reaching in its consequences, and there is no longer a way of any single person remaining truly isolated from the world's plight. Of course one can remain that way in awareness – one can pay attention to the smaller circle of interest that is our own 'personal' life, but this restriction of interest does not go without consequences since it limits the light and love available to the greater whole.

If there were a time when it was necessary for each of us to think of ourselves as important and of our thoughts and feelings as significant, that time is here. We may feel helpless, or alienated, or disillusioned with politics as we know it, or we may feel that the world's problems are too big for us to become involved with since there is little that we can do about them. Yet, no matter what attitude we assume, we are nevertheless affecting all others in accordance with the principle that 'what is one is all, and what is all is one'. This principle of collective consciousness is operating more strongly today. It is bringing to each individual soul, ideas and energies that would not be present within the individual sphere, perhaps for a very long time. In fact, the sharing that takes places along the network of light of which each human being is a part, cannot be undone by any amount of chosen separation, because whether we choose to or not, by virtue of being alive and being human we are each playing a part in the outcome of planetary affairs.

The need of this time is for us to care about what happens to the world - not just in terms of distress about what may be happening between nations or what may be happening to the very poor. This is necessary, too, of course. But what is even more necessary is that we feel related to the larger planetary life, both in reality and in the heart. It is important that we contribute our measure of love to the earth and its inhabitants so that the earth may be sustained by our love. Without this, we diminish the resources within consciousness that are possible for changing existing conditions – environmentally, economically, socially, and politically.

Today, we must come to recognize that we are each very powerful in our presence upon the earth, for better or worse, and that we have come to be here at this time in history in order to make a difference. The difference that we make does not have to involve political or social activism. It can involve an activism of the heart – a heart that says – "I am aware that these are my brothers and sisters. I will hold them in my heart so that we can become in consciousness what we already are in fact - one planetary family." This is a heart that responds to the needs of this time and that says "Yes" to the call that has gone out for each soul to become one within the fabric of planetary life.

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