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Raising your Vibration - How to Bring Greater Light into Your Life

At this time on the Earth, many souls are now entering a new phase of life that is offering the opportunity for greater spiritual expansion. For some this happens by apparent chance, for others through choice. Some souls enter a time of spiritual expansion after a long period of ordeal where very little light could be seen or felt for a very long time.

When a soul is ready to step forward in a more significant way upon the spiritual path, there arises a greater longing for light and for God's love. We begin to listen to inner guidance and intuition more carefully, paying more attention to our dreams and to other levels of reality beyond the physical. At this time it becomes a priority to bring all parts of our lives into greater alignment with the Divine source of light and love.

At this time on the Earth, there are many new opportunities for spiritual expansion and development which were not available even 20 years ago. The rapid acceleration of spiritual consciousness in humanity as a whole has made possible a new level of spiritual transformation for individuals, couples, families, groups and even nations. The growing presence of greater spiritual light on the Earth has created a new atmosphere that is increasingly permeable to the spiritual realms, making access to the higher dimensions more and more possible for all souls, even those with no previous experience with a spiritual awakening process.

Beloved ones, there are many ways that you can invite greater light into your daily life, by consciously creating a sacred atmosphere in your home, by releasing yourself from objects, energies and emotions that no longer serve you, and by choosing to align yourself on a daily basis with the Divine and with your own divine being. Here are three practical suggestions for beginning to consciously raise your vibration as you enter into a new phase of spiritual life.

  1. Purify your living space - Go through your home with fresh eyes. Look at everything anew, and make a conscious decision to let go of objects, clothing, clutter and other items that do not reflect the new vibration of light that you wish to invite into your life. Clean everything well, open the windows, and let in the fresh air. Notice how things feel, and let go of objects that do not feel good to you. As you do this, affirm this as a sacred action that reflects your inner choices as well. See and feel old emotions, energies and pain that you have carried releasing into the fresh air of a new day.

  2. Create a sacred space in your home - Create a place in your home that will become an altar and a sanctuary of light. Choose a place in your home that will not be used for anything else. Start with a small table, a candle and a few carefully chosen sacred items, along with flowers or other sacred objects. Once you have arranged this in a way that feels good to you, pray and meditate regularly here. Your altar will take on a vibration of light that will provide you spiritual support, light and peace. You will be able to go to your altar during times of difficulty, and the light there will offer comfort and peace. You will emerge feeling restored and strengthened, ready to move on to the next step.

  3. Align yourself with the Divine - One of the most important and helpful practices to open the communication between your embodied human self and your divine spiritual being is through the Practice of Alignment. Each day, spend a few minutes in front of your altar at the same time if possible, breathing and aligning all parts of your being with the divine light of God. Instructions for this Practice are available as a five minute audio recording from Light Omega, which also comes with a guided meditation. The more you do this, the stronger your connection with God's light becomes.

These three simple steps will begin to open the pathway to greater light in your life. As God's light grows within you, new vistas will open, and new possibilities for transformation and healing. As God's light continues to expand upon the Earth, more and more souls will discover the new opportunities for living a sacred life within God's infinite realm of possibilities. May God's light bless you and guide you in all ways.

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