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The Psychic And The Spiritual - An
Unfolding Reality

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

It is common to confuse the 'psychic' and the 'spiritual', for both partake of dimensions that are beyond the visible, physical reality in which we live, and both offer to the mind and imagination a sense of the presence of other worlds that surround the physical that have a great impact upon it, even if unknown.

To discuss the 'psychic' and the 'spiritual' is not to discuss persons who possess these qualities, but to discuss dimensions in which these qualities exist – dimensions that are different from each other and that reflect different degrees of spiritual evolution – the spiritual being of a higher vibration. This does not mean that one who is 'psychic' cannot be 'spiritual' as well. Only that the realm or arena in which energies are perceived, interacted with, manipulated, healed, dissolved, eradicated, understood, or amplified are different in both.

The realm of the psychic, for the most part, is arrived at through various kinds of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc., that are part of the awakening of spiritual gifts within the human psyche. This awakening takes place differently for different people, with gifts of sight, insight, hearing, and sensing operating at different frequencies of vibration so that particular specialties exist in terms of what each individual is capable of observing or knowing. Yet, the perception of the psychic realm relates to a range within the spectrum of invisible light that is closest to that of the human aura and that exists just beyond it. While this is not uniformly true, in general, the focus of psychic awareness is within the lower to mid-range of the spectrum of non-physical light, color, and sound, and awareness within this realm allows meanings to be understood and employed to help people in need of assistance through the transfer of knowledge to an understanding of issues they may be facing in their everyday life.

The spiritual realm, however, exists along a different and vaster portion of the non-visible spectrum of light. It includes all ranges within itself, incorporating the physical, the psychic, and extending beyond these infinitely. The spectrum of spiritual light exists along a continuum, all the way up to the Source or Godhead which is the realm of the highest light.

The spiritual is not only defined by a range of vibrational frequencies, however. Because it includes the higher octaves of light that are closest to the Source or Godhead, attunement to these energies simultaneously brings one into relationship with that Source, namely into relationship with God, by whatever name God is called. One cannot have a purely energetic relationship with the higher realms of light without its becoming a relationship with the Divine being and essence of God. This is because the properties of the higher range of light include the perception of holiness, purity, love, sanctity, and blessing, and these are not attributes that can be absorbed as 'things' or even as 'energies'. They can only be absorbed by becoming one with them in the unity of a state of being.

In thinking about the range that comprises the spectrum of non-visible light, and bearing in mind that there are persons who can operate within more than one frequency band or range, it can still be said that in general, the opening of one's psychic capacity, while valuable in itself in creating an entrypoint into the non-visible world, does not confer spiritual maturity upon a person. Indeed, one can have highly developed psychic gifts, and still have much that remains unhealed within the embodied self. This is not necessarily a shortcoming of individual persons. It is an acknowledgment of the course of spiritual development which permits certain degrees of expansion or evolution prior to others. In order to achieve the greatest degree of expansion, the embodied soul must grow beyond their gifts at the psychic level, into full-fledged relationship with the divine Source, by whatever name that Source is called.

It is important for both psychic practitioners as well as for those who seek their counsel, to know what the limitations of their ability are and how these limitations are affected by unhealed portions of the body and psyche. For the kind of depth, certainty, and knowledge that comes from exposure to the psychic realm with all of its many gifts and teachings, is not the same as exposure to the higher realms of light and blessing which confer upon the participant, a purity of understanding that can only occur through proximity to higher Truth which is derived from the Mind of God. In this relationship, purity is key in order to arrive at the highest level of understanding with which to help oneself or another.

All beings, without exception, are evolving through the limitations of the present into the expanded beingness of the future, and all will one day look back at present day limits from a different vantage point. Yet, in the present, it is important to know what the limitations of one's heart, mind, and vision are so that impurities in the capacity to see, know, or heal can be looked at with clear eyes, and with a grounded understanding which conveys that though much has been gained, there is much yet to be accomplished. This kind of humility and desire to see the truth of one's gifts and limitations, are part of what creates true spiritual progress, and it is always better to acknowledge what one doesn't know, than to think that one has greater access to knowledge of any kind than is actually the case.

May all beings come to accept and love the self that exists within each moment, with its capacities for grace and its areas of limitation, for the priceless gift of being human has created both of those capacities. May all be blessed with the knowledge of life's perpetual unfoldment.

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