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Hope for Personal and Planetary
Healing in 2008

Humanity's time of suffering has been long and difficult, and now a new ray of hope emerges in 2008. God's light has been gradually increasing on the Earth, which has both awakened consciousness to the spiritual dimensions, and has also brought forth a purification process for humanity.

The negative energies and separated consciousness that have existed for so long within individuals, and within the collective consciousness of humanity, have begun to rise to the surface to be seen and transformed.

In the year of 2007, humanity finally awakened to the global crisis that exists on the Earth as the result of so many years of environmental neglect and imbalance. As greater light awakens on the Earth, more and more people are awakening as well, realizing that life is precious and that we all have a sacred responsibility to ourselves, one another, and the Earth that supports us.

At the same time, the process of purification reached a new threshold of intensity, illuminating the painful burdens that have been held for so long, waiting for the right time to be healed. Within this great intensity, a new light has been growing, offering the voice of hope for humanity to find a new way of life that is about connection, communication, cooperation and consciousness.

Now in our day to day world, we see evidence of the changes afoot. News of new technologies for a sustainable future are emerging daily, as the resourcefulness of humanity reveals itself in the myriad of new ideas and inventions designed to create an environmentally friendly world. Young people are awakening to the call to find solutions to the challenges we face. Emerging from the American political arena that has been so tarnished and corrupted, are new voices of leadership that hear the inner music of spiritual values of oneness in their hearts. These new leaders offer inspiration, hope, and new options for real transformation that will heal the broken and outdated systems that are in such desperate need of change.

Dearest ones, you can participate in this global healing process that is happening. Your participation makes a difference. Your consciousness and actions affects others, and can have great benefit in the world. Even now, the seeds of the new have begun to be planted in your heart. You feel a calling within, this is the voice of spirit urging you forward to new levels of self expression and sharing with others. Listen to the calling in your heart, which will lead you towards not only your own personal healing, but towards those new directions that can contribute positively to a new world. There are now multiple avenues of expression available to you, both by joining your consciousness with others to effect change, and also by offering inspired action towards a worthy cause. Go forth now and share with the world your beautiful and unique vision. Your positive thoughts, intentions and actions will bless others and bring great benefit to the world.

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