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Manifesting Abundance In Life: Why
Difficulties Continue

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

The problem of 'manifesting' revolves around one primary question that is deeply troubling to many, namely, why, after all that one may have done to create positive effects in life through the power of thought and the power of love, have these effects not manifested.

Many hearts that have given of themselves countless times cannot understand how it can be, based on the Law of Cause and Effect, that there is not more of a response from the Universe so that severe difficulties and crises continue, both materially and otherwise.

There is a great misconception prevailing today about the nature of 'manifesting'. While the idea that 'thought creates reality' is universally true as is the Law of Attraction, neither of these universal principles is meant to suggest that the thoughts that are available to conscious awareness are the only thoughts that are the basis for manifesting or shaping reality, or that these are not influenced greatly by other more subtle levels of belief and reality. Indeed, while the Law of Attraction, (for example, to give what you wish to receive), often works on the level it is engaged with, namely, the level of conscious desire, it also often does not work in cases where conscious thought is superceded by unconscious or 'superconscious' thought, that is, by the thoughts and desires of the soul. For many light-filled souls who have come to help the earth at this time, these other levels are more important to the Law of Cause and Effect than the level of conscious intention or desire.

There are many, today, who have come to the earth with a primary goal of serving a mission in addition to benefiting from the human evolutionary experience. For these souls, the mission and its preparation are designed to take priority over the needs of the personality-self. What this means is that one's soul-purpose, rather than one's conscious desires, defines the outcome of events in life, more so than for lives where the service aspect is not as important.

Prior to coming to the earth, souls with a mission have agreed to make this the priority for a lifetime, whether known to the conscious self or not. And so even at times of great hardship, the inner being is operating out of a sense of inner necessity, even while the outer self may be complaining about the difficulty of life.

There is a need for compassion toward this kind of complaining, for it is the cry of the embodied self that does not know why things have to be so hard. They are hard because one's deepest heart and soul are given to a higher priority. They are also hard because the period of contraction and limitation presently being caused by forces of darkness on the earth has lasted a long time and continues with great intensity. This, for many, has postponed and increased the difficulty of light-filled intentions moving outward and finding a receptive response in the Universe.

Especially at this time in the Earth's history, the path of service that many have chosen prior to coming to earth is one that adds inner strength to the embodied self and a capacity to hold greater light in the face of adversity. This learning is undergone not only for the self, however, but more importantly in order to help others at a time in the not-too-distant future when the planet as a whole will be experiencing greater upheaval and change than is present now. To the extent that this sense of purpose is not real to the conscious self, however, to that extent will it seem like what works for everyone else in relation to successfully creating a life is not working for oneself. This is what the mind may think. It is not what the soul understands.

Beloved ones, for the present, and until the time of manifestation arrives more fully, it is important to take a practical view of the situation. This involves, for example, doing what works in order to support oneself, even though it may not feel like it is fulfilling one's soul-purpose or has one's whole heart. When light opens up as part of the expansion of light on the earth, a new time will be entered, and the problem of manifestation will no longer be. For now, it is useful to no longer view the limitations one faces in life as exclusively personal problems, but rather to see them also as collective or planetary problems, influenced by the present contraction of darkness which prevents the normal outflow of light-filled actions and thoughts from connecting with light-filled consequences.

Blessed are those souls who have struggled and endured through very difficult times and circumstances of loneliness, alienation, financial hardship, and great limitation. These souls are asked to wait a little longer and to persist a little longer, taking comfort in the fact that each is greatly loved.

Pray to experience this love more fully so that even if hardship continues for a while, it becomes possible to feel the love that can uphold through any difficulty. This love is balm to a weary and aching heart and can make it possible to feel peace in the midst of any hardship. The realms of Light are with each soul who prays in this way, and greatly anticipate along with those in the human realm, changed circumstances for each individual soul who waits, and for the planet as a whole as light increasingly penetrates the cloud of darkness and sets free what has been bound in limitation.

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