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Attention Deficit Disorders And Related Problems In Children - A Spiritual View

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

The phenomenon of limited or impaired attention span, of difficult or aggressive behavior, of problems with peers or of making friends, of body level agitation which leads to nervous gestures or an inability to sit still for more than a minute – all of these can be symptoms not of a medical or psychological condition, but a condition that has to do with the greater presence of light on the planet and in the spiritual atmosphere or environment in which we live.

This atmosphere is not visible. It may not even correspond to a particularly spiritually-based life within a family. Nevertheless, the vibration of increased light that is present is being taken in by children's bodies as is the energy of darkness, both of which are currently amplified on a planetary level, leading to an overloading, at times, of the energy circuits within a child's body.

This overloading occurs when what is being taken in cannot adequately be processed or released. All too often, parents, educators, physicians, or counselors who do not feel comfortable with this kind of frame of reference or who simply require a more immediate approach to the problem of symptomatic behavior, will seek medication to alter a behavioral or mental pattern that seems to not respond to any other kind of intervention. And yet this action, too, is often taken with a sense of concern on the part of parents, for the accompanying effects of any kind of medication used by the very young are not altogether known or knowable.

A spiritual perspective about children's attention deficit disorders, about behavioral problems, about sudden bursts of aggression in children who are otherwise placid or very gentle, will not immediately calm or change the situation in which the behavior occurs. It will not immediately tell parents what to do to make it stop or expand a child's ability to focus or be present both at school and in general. Yet such a focus, if taken seriously, can significantly help to limit the existing symptoms and can also create hope for the future – a future in which these symptoms will no longer be present.

The limitation of symptoms comes from restricting the contact a child has with disturbing energies or disturbing environments so that their systems do not easily get overloaded, or, if such contact is necessary, it comes from building in recovery time within a day's activities so that things can smooth out. Hope for the future is created by understanding that there is a purposefulness to what is happening with the very young. They have chosen to be here at this time of great change and transformation and their bodies are responding to the already existing alterations on the planet before their minds or hearts can know anything about what is really going on. For many of these children, it will be the case in the years ahead that those whose bodies are already beginning to adapt to greater light, will have an easier time when the light begins to increase even more. In this sense, many who are having difficulties at present because their young bodies cannot adequately handle the strong energies they are processing, will have a head start in being able to deal with things later on.

Of course this view presumes that there is a planetary transformation taking place and that its effects are palpable. Without such an understanding, the only recourse for parents who are concerned for their loved ones is to continue to work exclusively within a medical and/or psychological frame of reference and to find the best answers they can to the problems they are faced with. If a broader view can be acquired, however, even without giving up the more commonplace forms of treatment that have been adhered to, then the use of medication can be evaluated in a different way in terms of not being the only option available. Other lifestyle changes that will have a more long-term effect can be pursued so that the energetic issues causing the problem of system overload can be handled in a more practical, common-sense way and on a daily basis.

While it may not be true that all children who are presently diagnosed with such things as attention deficit disorder or related difficulties are responding to an inadequate processing of greater light and greater darkness, there are many today who could be helped greatly by such a perspective which would allow for greater patience and tolerance and less anxiety and concern on the part of parents.

The purpose of the transformation of the planet into light is a good one. It is one that will liberate forces of love and the desire for peace and unity on the earth that have not been capable of greatly influencing the planet before this present time. It will bring human consciousness to the next stage of its development. It will create a body-level understanding of the oneness of all and the sacred life within all. Many children who are otherwise having great difficulty with life understand these spiritual principles intuitively, and if they were not so physically and emotionally taxed on a daily basis, would be able to manifest more of the soul that lives within them that is actually here to make a positive contribution to planetary wellbeing – to love, to gentleness, and to peace on earth.

A spiritual perspective does not have to be in competition with others. What it allows for is the openness to gain one's own experience from a new way of looking at things. This openness may lead to new practical measures that can be experimented with in order to help one's children, and also in order to help oneself deal with the challenges that must be met. The freedom to choose an expanded way of viewing things enables practical decisions to be made from a more knowledgeable base - one that is trustful instead of fearful, that is hopeful instead of despairing, and that can see the good that will ultimately come from the present difficult situation.

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