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America's Tears - The Healing Of A Nation

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

There is a time for rejoicing when that which has been prophesied in relation to the destiny of an individual or a nation can manifest upon the earth in its beauty and its fullness, and there is a time for tears when that which has brought the promise of a noble venture to the earth brings, instead, the presence of heartache and disappointed expectations.

This is the present situation regarding the unfoldment of the United States of America – a nation so gifted in its founding vision, so blessed with the support of the realms of light, so illumined in the wisdom which created its underlying principles, so sanctified in its mission and purpose – when a nation with all of these attributes moves, instead, in a direction that abandons its soul-purpose and seeks, instead, to win power and glory for itself and for its national ego. This is the source of America's tears. It lies in the abandonment of the principles upon which a great nation was built and the replacement of these principles by the semblance of democracy that more and more departs from a true representation of democratic process.

The founding of a nation is not undertaken lightly by either the participants on the human level or by those who guide and protect each nation from above. Nations are watched over and are guarded so that they move as closely as possible toward alignment with their soul's purpose and direction, and where departure from such a direction takes place, they are helped to return again to this point of alignment as quickly as possible. It is a sad day, indeed, when a national entity departs so significantly from its birth-principles and identity that it becomes inevitable that corrective action will be taken to right things in their own time, not through the wrath of God, but through the universal principle of cause and effect which says of nations as well as of people that you reap what you sow, and that what you put forth into the world shall come back to you in its own way and time.

America's stance of disempowering others and of seeking her own ends is, karmically speaking, part of her history, and part of her current position in the world as well. It is not all that she can claim responsibility for, for much of what she has contributed to the world has been good, and forward-looking, and of great benefit to peoples less fortunate. Yet, this readiness to disregard or disempower others has always been present as the dark side of America's character. The movement toward disempowerment has been leveled, historically at her own Native peoples and at her own African-American population. Now, it is leveled at those of Middle Eastern culture and descent whose way of life is often very different than that practiced in western countries. The indifference to the destruction of individual human life and to collective ways of life and culture can take place actively through the literal taking of life, or it can take place indirectly through interference in the daily lives and livelihoods of people so that they no longer live freely. America has been guilty on both counts.

We need to pray for the restoration of the original founding spirit of the United States of America, not just in order to ward off or ameliorate any impending painful effects of karmic healing, but also because America's destiny is not separate from the world's destiny, and what happens to her has a large effect on what happens to the rest of the world. This interrelationship of national livelihoods and national outcomes is true of all nations, across the board. There is no nation that stands alone that does not affect every other through its action or inaction. But America has a uniquely powerful effect on the wellbeing of the rest of the planet because of her power and because of her prosperity, and because she carries the hope of the realms of light to act as the proponent of freedom and liberty for all, rather than the diminisher of such freedoms.

In the presence of this separation from truth and from the truth of her rightful place in the world of nations, let us await with all souls who remain faithful to the purposes of light, the return of America to her rightful heritage as the birthplace of freedom. And let us affirm unequivocally, that freedom cannot survive in actions which disregard others, are indifferent to others, or seek to manipulate others. Such actions can never be the cause of an expansion of freedom. America must return to the original foundation upon which she came into existence in order to restore to her own national consciousness, the spiritual vibration that will return the light to her – a light that has become diminished by her recent departures from truth.

May all this come to pass for the benefit not only of the citizens of America, but for the benefit of those who suffer everywhere who are either treated indifferently, disempowered, or disregarded in their right to seek equality at the table of nations. Blessings and Amen.

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