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The Spiritual Energy Of Ordinary Things

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Each gesture that we make with our physical bodies has an effect that is much more far reaching than would appear.

Everything carries vibration, and the vibration of a simple handshake or of a smile carries a spiritual energy that ripples out into the universe to bless it and to add to its positive feeling and content. By contrast, when we withhold gestures of friendship, we express an energy of contraction and separation that has a similar rippling effect.

In this sense, each of us is totally transparent to the life of the spiritual world and much more powerful in creating effects than we believe ourselves to be. For it is not only the more noticeable actions that we might take that achieve success in the world. It is also the small, unseen gestures of hand, heart, and body that affect the vast spiritual network in which we live, creating a successful outcome when they help uplift the world and contribute to its healing.

The consciousness of oneself as a spiritual being grows within heart and mind in progressive stages of self-revelation. At one stage, it may be related to knowledge of oneself as having a relationship with the spiritual world, with God, or with the divine Presence within the world in which we live. At another, it may be experienced as an awareness of ourselves as souls and of others as souls, joined in a sacred dance of life. Yet both kinds of awareness can become more detailed and more embodied. They can become an expression of our own, intimate clairvoyance which allows us to see and to know the energetic effect of whatever we do.

The important principle here is that everything carries energy. Everything has a vibration of a spiritual nature. We are never invisible, and we are never disengaged from making an impact on the rest of life. Since this is true, it becomes imperative that we consider what effect we wish to have on life, for this contributes not only to the well-being of others, but also to the effect that life will have upon us, for what we give, we shall receive. The effect that we choose will color our lives far more than any seemingly random event that appears to occur by chance. Our interaction with life, consciously chosen, will create a lens through which all of life is viewed, including all events which might enter our life that appear to be accidental or serendipitous.

When we choose to create a positive effect in life, to let every gesture be an expression of love and of a desire to participate in a sacred world, we ourselves are uplifted by this intention and can know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the world is also uplifted by our intention. The fact that this intention is invisible is only true at the level of the physical. In terms of spiritual energy, our intentions are very visible to those who can see or feel spiritual energy, and we live constantly in a matrix of such energetic interactions.

Think of the ordinary gestures of the most ordinary of days – washing, cleaning, driving, walking, carrying, holding, listening, writing…

Now imagine that while engaged in any of these, that a subtle spiritual energy is emanating from you to the rest of the universe, proceeding outward in waves from the physical body that is the point of emanation, and the heart that is the point of feeling. See what quality of consciousness you can bring to these simple things – to the very ordinary things of life, for in this decision lies a world of meaning and a world of accomplishment – the accomplishment of having determined to live a life that is sacred and that upholds the intimate connection that it has with the rest of Life.

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