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The New Planetary Consciousness

The momentum towards a new planetary consciousness has clearly begun in 2007. The many events that have transpired both for individuals, and for humanity as a whole this year, have left a mark of truth imprinted upon the collective consciousness.

It is now clear to all who have eyes to see, that our individual actions as well as our collective actions are needed in order to avert the current planetary crises.

As humanity's consciousness is beginning to transform, and you may be experiencing shifts in your own awareness. These individual and planetary movements forward are happening at an accelerated rate, and you may find yourself at times feeling overwhelmed by the new sensations, experiences and changes that are occurring. At the same time, you may also be feeling an upsurge of old emotional, physical or mental patterns from the past that may have appeared seemingly out of nowhere, causing great distress and discomfort.

These difficulties are the result of greater spiritual light which has been infusing the Earth and accelerating her development. The light acts in two distinct ways, opening and revealing the presence of God's love and illuminating our innate divine connection with Spirit ... and also by bringing to the surface our inner pain and illuminating the parts of us that have become separated from God's love.

This action of God's light creates healing, but in the process of this healing, there can be much pain and suffering that is brought to the surface of consciousness. We are seeing this on a planetary scale as well as an individual one. The many ways that humanity has become separated from love and goodness are being revealed, in sometimes shocking and traumatic ways.

Throughout this process, God's love continues to be present, and is beginning to awaken individuals to their divine spiritual purpose. Many individuals now are moving in the direction of finding solutions to the many crises the Earth faces.

"How can I make a difference" you may ask. It might seem that you as one individual can have little effect on the larger course of humanity's evolution, but this is not true. Each single soul that awakens to a larger understanding of the sacredness of life, and who understands the effect that their consciousness, thoughts and actions have on the environment, creates a center of God's light within themselves.

This divine center of light begins to infuse your physical body, your living space, the Earth that you live upon, and your neighbors and those in your community. The light also has an impact on those that you love who are not nearby, but that you hold in your consciousness and communicate with from a distance. The light acts to bless, heal and support others. Like ripples in a pond, the light radiates out and interacts with others whose centers of light begin to expand from the contact with light.

As more and more ripples flow outward from the centers of light, they become intertwined, interconnected, and begin to resonate at a more conscious frequency. Soon even those who are not conscious of the light begin to be affected by it, and their lives begin to transform. The Earth herself benefits greatly from this expansion of consciousness, which helps her own divine spiritual evolution.

And so dearest ones, what appears to be a small, humble choice on your part to follow a spiritual life, to seek harmony, peace and goodness, and to help in whatever way you can to make the world a better place ... this choice has a massive impact on you, your loved ones, your community and your world.

Each soul is created with a divine spiritual blueprint, and unique gifts which are given both to further the expansion of the soul and to bless other. Seek this divine blueprint within your own being, and follow your hearts call which will lead you to the fulfillment of your highest purpose.

This sacred process is not simply for your own healing, but for the healing of all. Your consciousness is one with the larger collective consciousness of the Earth and all embodied beings. Seek to follow your own inner guidance and in doing so, you will bless all of life.

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