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Children Of The Light

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Many children are coming to earth at this time who have a great contribution to make to the planet and to all of her inhabitants.

These are children who already carry more light in their bodies, and their destiny is to disseminate that light in order to uplift humanity, and also to find an arena of activity in which the truths of life’s oneness and sacredness can become more known. This purpose already lives deep within them on a soul level, and will be manifested as they grow in ways that are mysterious to outer eyes, but are entirely in keeping with their soul-purpose and with the plans for the earth’s transition into light.

Despite the greater light that such children carry and often because of it, many who have come in peace experience anything but that during the years of their childhood. Because they have a greater sensitivity to environmental stimuli, they are often overwhelmed by energies or situations that would not trouble a less sensitive child. Because they have a greater desire to share love with others and to love the earth in a way that is not familiar to many of their peers, they are often deeply troubled by the harsh conditions they find themselves in as they go through their school years and as they seek friendships with others. In fact, many children of the light go through extended periods of feeling lonely, of feeling different from others, of wondering how to manage in a world that seems far away from the ideal they hold within their deepest heart. As a result of this gap, some children withdraw and go through childhood in a solitary way. Some become angry. They develop hardness as a protective shell which they hope will serve them in being less sensitive to the environment around them. And some become depressed, feeling confused both about why they are so different from everyone else, and also about how to feel more accepted.

These children of light on a soul level have chosen to come here at this time – a time in which the transition of the earth into light has not shifted yet from the predominance of the negative or darker energies into the energy of love and oneness. They have come to be wayshowers, and as wayshowers they must bridge the divide between the old and the new, between the values of a former way of life and the new, sacred values that are coming into being within the earth’s mental and emotional body.

Parents have a great responsibility in relation to children who come to bring light to the earth, and it often requires of them a leap forward into a deeper spiritual commitment of their own in order to support their child and to help them through what for many is a difficult time. When parents have little inkling of what a child’s true gifts are and see only the problematic aspects of their differentness, then more pain is added to the situation as both parents and child feel only aware of lack, and not aware of the destiny and purpose of the light that the child is carrying.

What is needed in these situations is compassion all around - for the dilemma of a child who is visibly different from his or her peers, and for the dilemma of a parent who has no guidelines from which to construct a plan for helping their child express their uniqueness at a time when this may be largely unsupported by others. Having a spiritual perspective in which to hold things is essential, as is having others to communicate with about the difficulties that arise. Being able to offer one’s children a life in which spirituality is incorporated into the everyday is also important, because this is the way of life that many children feel is natural, though they may not be able to express this outwardly.

The time we are in is ripe for change, and the children who have come and are coming are bringing this change with them – not with a hammer but with an outstretched hand; not with loud words but with words of gentleness. The earth awaits the future unfoldment of these children as do they, themselves, for they are here to bring peace and light to a waiting earth.

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