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A Time Of New Beginnings

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

The way of the world has, until now, been categorized as being opposed to the 'way of Spirit', and it has been said, correctly, with reference to the ego and the Spirit, that "ye cannot serve two masters."

But the union of the two worlds is rapidly approaching, and in this union there will no longer be two masters to serve, but only one – the God within and the God without, for these two are but two parts of one unified whole. The God within is the Divine essence of being that belongs to each soul. The God without is the Creator and Author of life, present before time began.

The new ways are coming into being now, invisibly, quietly, and not without hardship, for the ways of the world are firmly in place and are being continually reinforced by energies that would have them remain in place. And yet in the midst of what appears to be an entrenched world picture, with events on the global scale often appearing to spin out of control, the new ways are being born. They are in the air. They are in the greater openness of people to spiritual thought and experience. They are in the greater longing of the heart for peace and love as values. And they are in the purification issues that are coming up for many individuals as the old seeks to be released from its bondage within the physical and emotional levels of being so that a new version of self can emerge and take its place.

We are, in fact, in the midst of both personal and global purification, and there are many dedicated souls who would wish to see more change occurring, more completion, but still have to wait to find their heart's desire manifested. This level of manifestation cannot be brought about by one's intention alone. It must be accompanied by the advent of greater light making possible an emergence of capacities and feelings that have been dormant since the beginning of our earth journey. Thus, the transformation and change that is sought is an act of grace as much as it is an act of longing, desiring and intending. The human instrument is becoming 'divinized', and the capacity to hold more light is central in our ability to finally achieve the depth of healing that is being sought. It is also central to our ability to expand into a new level of engagement with light and life.

Still, during this period of waiting, much is taking place. The light already present is doing the work of helping to free us by clearing out from our energy body, all that was not ours to begin with that we have acquired in the course of time. Change is occurring for many, and new opportunities, new relationships, and new perspectives are also emerging. These shifts are 'in the air' because of the advent of greater light and because our consciousness has become more open to perceive new vistas.

Now, at this time of transformation and of new beginnings, it is important to let go of what we have held onto out of fear or a sense of loneliness. It is time to give ourselves to the Divine and holy purpose that courses through us from the deepest layers of self. There is no one without such a purpose – no one whose life is merely ordinary. We are, in the grand scheme of things, the ones who have come to embody God's light and love upon the earth and in this way to help the planetary transition into light. This sacred opportunity is already present with us. It is a matter of turning toward it with love and courage in order to perceive the fluid and unknown road before us, knowing that this road will take us to the greatest expression of our true nature as children of God and of the Light.

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