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Live Earth Asks Us To Answer The Call

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

A Tribute to the Live Earth Concert - July 7, 2007
A feast of caring for the precious world we share together.

We did not know that it was possible to matter so, that each small gesture of caring made throughout the day could make a difference of huge proportions.

We thought that only the very large and wealthy could save something as big as a planet.

We did not know it was the very small who could become very large,who, in their gestures of caring, protecting, limiting, conserving, sharing, respecting, considering, and reflecting, could make the difference that would restore the sacred balance, that would renew the sacred life that is the planetary body.

We thought we were a relative few, alone, and found that we were millions -seedpods blown about by the wind, seedpods trying to land somewhere, trying to root somewhere so that we could grow new plants, so that we could nurture the earth and give rise to a new generation of hope.

Indeed, we were a multitude, we were everywhere, we were everyone, we were passion, and sorrow, and joy, and tears, and fear that even our millions would not be enough.

Somewhere though, in the heart that beat solemnly and steadfastly through all the music and pageantry, the ritual and the exclamation, Somewhere, the heart found new strength, was given new strength to open even further, to care even more, to remember that what is small is big, and that every action has consequences.

To remember that what we do matters.

This is a tribute to the many whose hearts came together to form one heart this day. May the earth reap the rewards of the gift of our celebration.

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