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Symptoms Without a Diagnosis - The New Language of Energy

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Many people today are experiencing unanticipated bodily symptoms that seem to appear out of nowhere and have no real medical diagnosis. Others are aware of sudden emotional surges that also appear out of thin air, are intense, repetitive, yet difficult to connect to specific events or circumstances.

Often, in the presence of such conditions, we look for logical explanations, yet find every explanation insufficient or lacking. And so we treat the symptom topically, locally, according to whatever reduces our discomfort, without really knowing the cause.

These new and strange occurrences are part of a new category of inner events that is today impinging on both our body and our consciousness - a category that relates to energy and the ways in which our body's typical energy patterns are being altered by changes in the spiritual/physical world that we inhabit. These changes are causing the body to release things that have formerly been held in check or bound such as emotional energies from past experiences or traumas. They are also causing the body to release energy in a physical way, sometimes manifesting as pain, inflammation, fever, or other transient response that is a form of expression of the energy being released.

When we have no spiritual or energetic context in which to hold such symptomatic events, it is more difficult to deal with the anxiety or uncertainty they may arouse. When we know that energy is moving in a new and different way through us as part of an accelerated healing process that is affecting all souls, everywhere, and that it is based on changes to our physical bodies, even as the Earth's physical body and all of physical matter is also changing, we have a context in which to view these strange occurrences and can be more patient and less fearful.

People who find themselves suddenly beset with anxiety who have never been particularly fearful, or those who find themselves dealing with bouts of grief, sadness, or depression who have never before had to deal with such things, may take comfort in knowing that a healing process is underway that will lead to greater freedom from all inner conditions that have been stifling or limiting.

And yet... it is all a question of perception. For out of the many explanations that the psyche can hold concerning symptoms that have no obvious logical explanation, one can always unearth something external that appears more solid and 'real' that may thus take its place as an apparent 'cause'.

At this time, however, a deeper understanding of 'purification' and the 'purification process' would be of great help to many whose personal circumstances are undergoing great change, for the new and different energy patterns that are arising, causing symptoms of an unexpected nature both internally and externally, require a new language to speak of them. This new language is the language of purification and it offers a foundation for understanding things that cannot easily be understood in conventional ways.

May all hearts that seek the truth of their life-experience know that God and life are moving all souls to a new level of healing and opening, the end result of which will be new capacities, new freedoms, and a new and sacred reality.

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