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What Is God's Purpose For Me?

When we first begin to feel the stirrings of God's love in our hearts, we begin to awaken spiritually. Suddenly, instead of being just a mother or father, or a son or daughter, a student, a teacher, an artist, a professional or a sports enthusiast, we discover that we are so much more.

We are souls, each of us a magnificent and multifaceted jewel of radiance, of complexity, of uniqueness and of love. We are created in God's image, with infinite possibility and infinite potential.

One of the first things we ask ourselves as we begin to awaken to our spiritual potential, is why am I here? What is God's purpose for me? This is a beautiful and wonderful question to ask, for it opens the pathway for us to return Home to the depth of our divine connection with spirit. The longing in our heart to know what God's purpose is for us, begins to activate a new direction in our lives.

Previously, we were seeking to fulfill our own needs, and those of our closest friends and family. We were looking for a way to express ourselves and live a good life. When spiritual longing grows stronger in our hearts, the earlier ways of fulfilling ourselves seem to lose interest, and are no longer satisfied. We begin to look for something more, something more real, true, something deeper and more meaningful.

Imagine that you have been living in a black and white world, but didn't know that anything more was possible. Then suddenly, you begin to see color! This is such a strikingly different experience, so much more alive and filled with light and life, that we don't want to return to the old black and white existence. So it is with spiritual life, that we move from the less real to the more real. We long for greater love and truth. We become more ourselves, and we also let go of old ways of expressing ourselves that no longer feel right to us.

So how do we discover what is God's purpose for us? For some, the answer to this question arrives like a lightning bolt of truth and clarity from the heavens. This kind of blessing, that of direct revelation, is sometimes needed in order to communicate to the soul something important that may be very different from what they would otherwise expect. This may also come in order to move a person forward quickly upon their spiritual path, in response to the divine timing for that soul.

For others, and for most of us, the answer to this question of God's purpose for us, is answered in more incremental ways. It is like walking a treasure map, receiving first one clue and then another, with the understanding building over time. Going through life in this way, asking and praying and waiting to receive the answer, builds faith, courage and strength and opens within us a passageway of divine light that communicates with the spiritual realms in a continual way. This process also purifies us and releases us from older ways of relating to life, so we can begin to see and feel and be in a whole new way.

There is no special technique or spiritual practice needed in order to discover what God's purpose is for our lives. The simple desire and longing to live a life that is One with God's love is enough to begin the process of spiritual discovery. If you feel a strong connection to a particular form of spiritual or religious practice, follow this path and immerse yourself in the longing and in the desire for discovery. Life will begin to reveal to you the answers to the questions you seek.

Open yourself to the longing in your heart, pray deeply to know God's purpose for your life, and you will begin to see and feel and experience new revelations in your own understanding of who you are. As you move into a more conscious alignment with God's purpose for your life, greater light will begin to fill your body, mind and consciousness. This light brings healing both to yourself, and to all others that you may encounter. It even blesses the very Earth that you stand upon, and gives a unique and special gift to God and to all of life.

The harmony of fulfilling your divine purpose brings peace joy, gratitude and blessing to all those that you touch. This is God's great gift to us and to all of life, that we may be blessed and bless others in return, spreading love and light to each other and to all of the world.

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