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Soul Purpose, Inner Purpose, And The
Path Of Light

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

In the wisdom of Divine planning and with the soul's full participation in that planning, each soul comes to the earth with a particular set of goals and ambitions related to the soul's fuller expression in each incarnation.

Though the embodied self may wander around for a time, trying to grasp that essential design, absence of recognition of one's higher purpose is not based on it not existing, but only on not having available, for the moment, the inner thread of connection that gives rise to a strong intuitive knowing.

Soul purposes vary, and so what may have been held as central for an earlier phase of one's life, may no longer be true of a later phase. It also happens that it can be beneficial to one's growth to have a sense of higher purpose not manifest until later on in life so that the early years may be spent pursuing specific healing goals whose activation is, in fact, the soul's purpose.

This is important to understand, for the unity of a life that focuses on an outer goal or particular form of expression in the world is only one way of looking at higher purpose. The soul's intention for a large portion of a lifetime may, instead, be to focus on healing relationships – both those with others and those within the inner structure of the psyche so that further movement can take place later on.

The intensification of the felt need to manifest one's higher purpose occurs as a natural outgrowth of greater soul awareness, due to the infusion of light within body, mind, and emotions. As soon as a spiritual life has been chosen by the embodied self, the soul begins to make its voice known, sometimes in words, and often through the gentle stirrings of the heart. This reaching out of the soul toward the personality-self and of the personality toward the soul is part of the natural progression of spiritual growth and may involve a long period of listening and waiting while the bridge is being constructed that makes possible a coalescing of the soul's expression around a particular life direction.

Often, and especially today when the heart is more awakened in many, the period of waiting for this bridge to be created can be felt to be frustrating and met with great longing. This is true because the conscious self feels ready for something to manifest and cannot understand why there is a time-delay or why the answer to the question of what one is meant to do does not come. The more awakened the heart, the more desirous is the self of finally stepping forward onto a clear path of service. During this period of waiting, however, preparation for what shall be is always taking place and must be trusted as a necessary first step toward all that shall follow.

Sometimes this period of preparation is needed so that the soul can acquire the practical experience that is necessary in order to carry out plans in the future. Sometimes it is needed because the purpose which is to color a particular incarnation requires certain external world conditions to exist before coming into being. Given the contemplative foresight of the soul prior to incarnating, each soul can determine in advance when a centralizing purpose shall reveal itself, and synchronize that manifestation with certain surrounding environmental or world conditions that are vital and necessary, prior to activation of one's higher purpose taking place.

Over time, one's soul purpose and one's inner sense of purpose become wedded in a consecrated joining like that of a marriage, yet earlier in the soul's life on earth, it is possible that the sense of inner purpose composed of desires, longings, hopes and expectations, may not be the same as the particular sequence of developments that the soul intends. Only with time and maturation do these two become one. In the meantime, a conscious sense of direction can be attained by striving to answer the question of what one would like to create, express, or be in life. The heart's intuitive answer to this question may not reflect the highest answer of the soul, but it will, nevertheless, lead in the direction of that fulfillment, especially if one's heart holds the expression of higher purpose as a conscious desire. Though 'following one's heart' may not, in all instances provide the wisest choice in relation to constructive or growthful lines of pursuit, it is in the end, the messenger of the soul, and one must trust its messages while trying to remain discerning regarding what level of feeling and motivation they are coming from. It is only when spiritual maturation has taken place to a sufficient degree, bringing greater purity to the heart and its motives, that inner purpose can no longer be separate from soul purpose and a seamless unity of the two becomes established within the heart.

The predicament of feeling aimless and without direction in relation to higher purpose is one that many have faced in the past that will not be a part of the future. For consciousness that is illumined by greater light will perceive the inner directives of the higher self more clearly, resulting in an intuitive understanding of what is meant to be and which direction to move in. This time is not yet here, but it is rapidly approaching, and it will bring to those hearts that still yearn to know their purpose an answer to the question of design and intent.

As light infuses consciousness to a greater degree, one's higher purpose will make itself increasingly felt, until a seamless path of action based on light can be discerned that moves out from the present in all directions. With doubt and confusion no longer present as influencing factors, the perception of light will smoothly take each one toward the path of Divine intention and toward the progressive fulfillment of the soul's deepest wishes.

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