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December 2006

Full Circle

    For most of this year I have been experiencing the completion of many parts of my life and spiritual work that began years ago and are now coming around to fulfillment. I see this in my spiritual work, my 'work in the world' business, and even in my family of origin. I feel joy in my heart at times, because many new and much anticipated changes are beginning to manifest is small ways. Simultaneously with this experience, I am more affected by difficult energies that I'm experiencing cosmically that are related to the world situation. Much of my work these days is to remain connected with my heart's inner knowing that God is present, and that God's light is stronger than the intense negativity that is so prevalent right now. I feel as though I am walking forward in the midst of a blizzard. I can barely see the way in front of me at times. All I know is to keep going, and one day I will reach my destination.

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Many Things at Once

    Burst Light Rays

    I am experiencing many different things at once. For the last few months I've felt the old energy configurations in the world and in my life finally beginning to shift. I am experiencing this more strongly, now seeing tangible evidence of some of these changes. Along with this I've felt a growing feeling of joy in my heart. Most recently, this joy has become a feeling of divine bliss that courses through the cells of my body, a joy that is far beyond words. At the same time, I experience many difficult cosmic energies which continue to intensify. Along with all this, my physical body appears to be rapidly changing. I can see and feel this, both in my appearance and also in the new responses and reactions that my body is having to things.

    For example, a few months ago I had a root canal. This was not pleasant, as my nervous system is extremely oversensitive, but I got through it. What was more difficult was the next dental appointment, as my whole body shook during the appointment. This was embarrassing! I thought it might be from the physical vibration of the drilling but wasn't sure. Yesterday I went to have more dental work, a routine crown replacement. The appointment was at a very bad time for me, 7:30 AM, and I am most sensitive in the morning. Because it was essential to get this work done, I went despite the early hour, and had a very bad reaction to the anesthetic. My whole body began shaking uncontrollably. I asked for guidance about this and was told that I need a different kind of Novocain. I've never had this kind of reaction before!

    I've noticed other changes in my daily life over the last month. I love to drink yerba mate tea, and used to drink one or two cups a day. In the last few weeks I find it to be too intense for me! I need to water the tea down, and as much as I love it I can only have a very little. I also find I can no longer stand the smell of onions. My husband loves them, but the smell makes me sick now.... and if I eat anything with onions my whole body smells terrible! My perception has changed as well, I am seeing and feeling light in everything and there is a glow around things that I don't remember seeing before. These are truly extraordinary times and I am very grateful to be here!

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Sharing Articles Published

    I'm going to share the eight articles that World Blessings has published in the last few months here on this RSS feed. I received guidance to make the sites more visible to people searching for spiritual guidance, and so began publishing articles on directories throughout the internet. This articles will look different than the blog entries on this page.

    With much love,

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Hope for the Earth

    The future of the earth lies in our hands, and not only in our hands but in our hearts, our minds, and in the ability that each of us has to contribute to the vast network of light and of consciousness of which we form a part. This network includes every living... Read Article

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The Transformation of the Earth

    There is a great transformation going on upon the earth that will alter the ways in which human beings interact with each other as well as the ways in which each perceives themselves to be related to the rest of humanity. This transformation is initiated by... Read Article

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The Time of Transition

    It is the time of new beginnings. The time that has been ordained since the beginning of time in which God’s holy love would make itself felt everywhere as a stirring within the human heart to go deeper within itself, to find the source of love and the source... Read Article

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The Dawning of a New Day

    Todays world is rapidly changing, and many people feel a sense of fear about the direction that world events are moving in. Indeed, there is much negative energy being expressed everywhere, and especially within world events. Another common feeling that many... Read Article

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You are Changing the World

    You are a magnificent and divinely inspired creation of God. You are here on the Earth during this very tumultuous time in history for a sacred purpose. Each soul that is here now, and each soul arriving to the Earth now, is here to participate in the momentous... Read Article

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The Healing Presence of God's Love

    God's love as a healing presence in the world is growing stronger daily. Many people are not yet able to perceive this growing presence of light, because there also exists at this time a thick cloud of negative energy that is surrounding the Earth. This acts... Read Article

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The Blessing of the Present Moment

    At each moment in our daily lives, we have an unprecedented opportunity. Generations before us did not have this blessing of spiritual awareness that is available today. Humanity as a whole is awakening, and we are actively participating in this process even... Read Article

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Finding Daily Inspiration in Difficult Times

    Daily inspiration helps us to stay focused on God's love, no matter what else is going on in our daily lives. In today's world there is such a high level of challenge and rapid change happening for most of us, that it has become even more important to find... Read Article

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A New Season for this Blog

    It felt good to me to share the articles I've published on the web here in this blog. I have noticed that I have less and less to say personally, for several reasons. One is, at this time there is a lot of waiting going on, and not much comes to me to share. Secondly, there is so much happening in my conscious all the time now, that is impossible to put into words! Both realities are happening at the same time. I am feeling for now that I'd like to write more articles and share them here, and that I may have less to say about my own personal reflections. We'll see what actually evolves, as life is extremely unpredictable these days! One thing that has been apparent for about ten days now is a slowing down of the experience of light expanding. The experiences I was having of joy and light stopped, and instead there has been simply darkness and lack of movement. That has been difficult for me. I am finding it helpful to watch Christmas movies, which are stories of love and redemption and healing. This is vastly preferable to most movies available nowadays which reflect the negative energy that is so present in the world.

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A Grateful Goodbye

    Burst Light Rays

    Tonight I bid a grateful farewell to the year 2006, which brought so many beautiful and significant spiritual blessings, and also was filled with enormous suffering and difficulty. I see a very different energy in the year 2007, and tonight I can feel the New arriving vibrationally. I do not know what the year will bring, and I pray for a release from the darkness and difficulties that are plaguing so much of the Earth, so that the holy light of God's love can shine forth and grow and radiate outwards to be felt by all of humanity. When will the New arrive? I wish I knew, but I am grateful to feel the energy of this already present as the last evening of 2006 draws to a close.

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