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December 2007

Loneliness - A Hunger of the Soul

    Many people are lonely. Some, more often than they admit to themselves. Some, more often than they admit to others. For loneliness is often considered to be a deficit of the self and its capacity to relate to others, rather than an interactive phenomenon that... Read Article

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Healing Family Relationships -- Love and the Gift of Spiritual Awareness

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Through Death Into Light: A Story of Love

    At the edge of the Garden of Eden, at a place not far from where the wilderness meets the cultivated landscape of fruit trees and flowers, stands a little house, and in it, sits a small man with a long gray beard who reads from a very old book with dry, dusty... Read Article

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Spiritual Healing of Anxiety and Panic Disorders

    In today's world, the incidence of panic and anxiety disorders is on the increase. It is no wonder with the large challenges facing humanity as a whole, and in our individual lives, that more and more people are feeling anxious and afraid, or even panic. Read Article

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Spiritual Articles Will Return in January

    Hello dearest ones, this is Mashubi with a brief update. Thank you for reading our spiritual articles and other reseources here at WorldBlessings.com! It's been a very intense month all around, and I wanted to let you know that I expect to resume adding new spiritual articles to our site in January, 2008. We've added several new services and resources to our site in the past month, and more are on the way. Have you had a chance to see these new spiritual supports yet?

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One World Meditations - A Time for Change

     Many know that the world is in need of great help at this time in order to change conditions that are harmful to body, mind, and spirit and to the Earth itself. Among those who feel most deeply concerned, some become discouraged or despairing, some find a means... Read Article

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