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My Experiences

Shadows or aura of tree tops:
I first started experiencing the shadows or white auras on tops of a group of tree tops in a a distance. I read about it and kept trying it.

seeing Energy outside:
Then as I focused on seeing the tree tops, I just started seeing other energy. Very small white swirlies that disappear if you try to follow the movement with your eyes. There are thousands. I can see them easier outside, but have recently started seeing them inside with focus. See last entry for today’s new experience.

Seeing Auras:
I also started reading about auras. I found an eye exercise on a website that’s help me with my eye focus. I started with just looking at my hands and feet. I noted a color light baby blue around them. I started observing people in a distance with the same focus and started seeing the colors around them.

Can see my shadow of my movements with my eyes closed:
I’ve closed my eyes to do the yoga stretches and breathing. I started noticing that I can see a shadow mimic of me. It doesn’t look like me. Its not well defined. It’s a shadow of my movements.

See colors & figures with my eyes shut:
I started seeing colors when I close my eyes. Blue, green, red, pink.
Also, seeing swirling movement when eyes closed:

Experience sexual energy thoughout body
First time this happened I just got off the phone with a friend. Got into bed pretty soon after the call to go to sleep and started feeling intense energy in my stomach. I felt movement and expansion. It was filling me up to where I needed to take deep breaths. It then speak instantaneously throughout my body. I was feeling such intense pleasure. It is ravenous. I have never used that word in my whole like, but it fits this. The feelings of pleasure engulf me. Its almost like intense sexual energy and u’re on verge or orgasm and you can’t. at first it was so pleasurable, I felt myself releasing, many times over. It wasn’t exactly the same human orgasm. This is very deep and engulfing. If I think about and observe my chakras, I notice I can make myself feel it or it will come. Not sure if its coming from me or somewhere else. I WOULD LOVE YOUR INSIGHT ON MY EXPERIENCES. I’ve had so much happen to me and its not something all are open to.

Seeing a morph-like image or like one of those funny carnival mirrors that contorts your body image. I started seeing that at work for the first time today. It was for about 10 minutes or so. I then saw it for couple minutes in my house when I got home.

I have had so many experience. If I wasn’t experience all this myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. I’ve read all of your newsletters. I’ve never participated on any forum or chat yet, but the email asking for everyone’s experience was exactly what I’ve been dying to share and receive opinions about my experience from open people.

I would truly appreciate your thoughts on my experiences. Let me know if you have questions about any of it.

Thank you.

Comments for My Experiences

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Jun 13, 2008
Thank you for sharing
by: Mashubi

Dearest one, thank you for sharing your light body experiences. We are all entering new and uncharted territory as God's light infuses our bodies and opens up areas of within us that we were previously unaware of, or were blocked. I have heard or read many people on a spiritual path who have experienced an opening of the ability to see colors and auras, and also an opening of life force energy which some experience as sexual energy. As light opens our bodies, we become more connected to God and therefore with all of life. There are some ancient spiritual traditions which have concepts and spiritual practices for working with the spiritual energies as they move through the body, however this is a new time on the Earth and so there are gong to be new experiences that we have that may not relate to what people of past generations experienced. We are truly in the new frontier. Thank you for sharing dearest one, and please feel free also to share on our member forums, where we have many in depth conversations on these kinds of real life experiences that people are having. With much love and blessings, Mashubi

Jun 25, 2008
thank you Mashubi for replying
by: Anonymous

Thank you for replying Mashubi. I embarrassed I told all of my experiences. I thought I was just emailing you. I would have been more subtle or not shared all at once. Do you have any insight as to what I’m supposed to do with this energy? Does it come from me? Is it not actually sexual in nature, but feels that way when I receive it? It is s spontaneous energy and I can also feel it in my lower charkas if I concentrate on them.

Also, do you have insight as to why I am seeing a shadow of my movements with my eyes closed. I’ve done this in a room with no windows and the lights off to make sure I wasn’t just seeing my shadow from the room. Have you heard of others doing the same?

Jun 26, 2008
Flowing with the transformation
by: Mashubi

You are welcome dearest one, and I am so sorry for the misunderstanding. You are welcome to edit what you shared or delete this page if you would prefer.

In terms of the energy moving through your body, there is nothing you need to do except breathe and allow it to move through you. Light has the effect of opening up previously blocked energies, and also of awakening the subtle bodies. Sometimes our body's energy patterns begin shifting, which can cause all kinds of unusual sensations. If it begins to feel like too much, you can pray for it to be less.

In yogic traditions they speak of kundalini spiritual energy which rises from the base of the spine and opens different energy centers of the body and awakens the spirit. My sense is that all spiritual energies in the body are moving somewhat differently now in this new spiritual atmosphere we are living in.

There are many different subtle senses that we have, and your experience of seeing shapes or movements is most likely related to this. You can ask in prayer for inner guidance about these experiences you are having, which will help you to feel a deeper understanding of their meaning and purpose in your life. God has a unique way or guiding each of us, and your own beautiful unique body was created with a divine purpose so you can fulfill your soul's purpose here on Earth. Please feel free to keep me posted on how you are doing.

With much love,

Nov 06, 2008
Colors... Eyeballs, Squares Circles Energy balls
by: Winnie

The List goes one as i in if all the CRAZY experiences Ive had in the last 8 years... I don't understand them all , I understand the Colors are Charka colors and the Square is a sky door ? Now is all this Hindu? I was raised Christan and I have never even messed with new age stuff, it just started happening! including seeing a Hindu god with a turban that contained a jewel that shot a blue light at my for head! Talk about a girl sure she was ready for a funny farm! I cant explain all this except to believe John 1:1 and believe that in these last days God is indeed pouring out his spirit on all flesh!
Look up! for our redemption draw th nigh


Nov 06, 2008
colours with my eyes closed
by: Sharon

I also have been searching for understanding seeing clear bright colours when I lay down to sleep, if I am on my own the colour is either brilliant white or rich electric green. But when I laid down next to my partner it was an electric blue colour. I can find nothing on the internet to help explain the colours I see, if there is a meaning or just one of those things??

Any body have any clues?

Nov 11, 2008
New levels of ourselves
by: Mashubi

Dearest Winnie,

Yes, there are many people experiencing spiritual awakenings and an opening of the more subtle energy bodies. From what you've shared it sounds like your energy bodies and chakra system are awakening.

We are souls, and are much larger than we realize. Each spiritual tradition has a particular vibrational frequency or resonance, and as we grow spiritually, we may discover different parts of ourselves which resonate with other spiritual traditions that we may not be familiar with from our personality level self. This has happened to me as well, having experiences that were way beyond what I know in this life. These parts of ourselves that we discover can deepen and enrich our faith and our knowingness of ourselves as eternal souls, one with God and one with each other. Blessings and thank you for sharing Winnie!

Nov 11, 2008
Re: colours with my eyes closed
by: Mashubi

Dearest Sharon,

You may be experiencing your own energy field, which changes and which would be affected by people nearby such as your partner. To discover more about this, pray for spiritual guidance to understand more. You can also ask for guidance before bedtime, and see if you have an insight or dream over the next few days or nights.

Much love,

Nov 14, 2008
Colour Significance
by: Sharon

Thanks for you response. I will try... Is there any meaning to the colour which we see i.e. White means??? Blue means???? There my be some relevance don't you think?

Jah Bless

Nov 14, 2008
Meaning of colors
by: Mashubi

Hi Sharon,

Yes, the colors do have significance, that is related to vibration. You may be seeing specific colors that tell you something important about yourself or the other person, or the colors may bring a healing energy to your own body and consciousness. There are many different opinions on the meaning of specific colors, but the best way to discover this is to explore yourself to see what the colors mean for you. We have two sections on color and healing here which you may find helpful. Many blessings on your exploration!

The Healing Properties of Color

A Guide to Sound and Color Healing

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