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A Guide To Sound And Color Healing

Sound and color healing are aspects of energy healing, also known as vibrational healing. The healing properties of color have been intuitively recognized by all cultures since ancient times. Sound frequency healing has been used in many cultures through singing, chanting and toning.

Sound and color healing can be used to support any physical, emotional or spiritual healing process. Sound and color healing have many simple, easily learned techniques that you can use on your own to facilitate and support your healing process or that of your loved ones.

Sound frequency healing anchors a vibration within your physical body. As you sing or chant or tone, the sound ripples through your entire physical body and energy bodies. Healing sounds, hymns, chants and sacred songs can bring positive energy and affirmation to the mind and spirit as well as the heart and the body.

Colors in healing bring frequencies of vibration into the energy bodies, which affect the physical body. Colors also can positively affect the emotions. You can tap into the healing properties of color by using guided meditation, colored lights (known a colorpuncture), and expressive art therapies using specific colors. You can also benefit every day from the healing properties of color by wearing the needed colors or by decorating your environment with colors.

There are many in depth study resources available on sound and color healing. These can be helpful, however are not necessary to begin to benefit from sound or color healing. The place to start is first from within yourself from your own inner guidance and intuition. We all have an instinctive connection with colors and sounds, Here are some simple exercises to begin your exploration of sound and color healing.

Color Healing Meditation

Sit quietly with your spine straight. If you're in a chair, keep your feet firmly on the ground a few inches apart from each other. If you're sitting crossed legged, you may want a pillow under your sacrum for support.

Let your breath flow naturally, and gently focus your attention there, letting all other thoughts go. Breathe in, breathe out, sink deeper into relaxation.

Now, as you are relaxing, notice how your body is feeling. Are you energized, or tired? Restless or still? Preoccupied or focused? Breathe deeply, simply noticing how you are feeling, without judgment or the need to fix it. The simple act of awareness already begins to change a situation, so allow yourself to be simply aware.

Now, give yourself the suggestion that as you breathe in, you are going to breathe in a color that will bring your body into greater harmony and balance. Breathe in that color (your inner awareness will show you the color) and allow it to gently and gradually fill your entire body. As you exhale, allow your body to release any tension or constriction you are holding.

Notice how your body feels as you receive this color into your consciousness and energy bodies. Continue breathing in the color until you feel a sense of balance or completion. When you are done, take your time returning to a waking consciousness. Drink a glass of pure water to cleanse your physical and energy bodies. If possible take a walk or move your body after the meditation to integrate the energy you received.

You can also vary this exercise by breathing the color into specific areas of your body, or by imagining the color filling your auric field, the energy field around your physical body.

You can explore more about the healing properties of color with some specific exercises that will open your intuitive awareness to color healing properties.

Sound Healing Exercise

Sit with your spine straight, and your feet squarely in front of you on the floor, or stand with your feel slightly apart. Begin to pay attention to your breath, simply observing the breathe moving in and out of the body. When thoughts or feelings arise, simply return attention to your breath.

As you relax, notice how your body is feeling. Notice which parts of your body are relaxed, and which are tense. Now, notice which part of your body is the most contracted, heavy or pained.

As you notice this part of your body, you're going to allow it to express itself through your voice. Breathe deeply and allow a sound to emerge from that part of your body. Imagine the sound is liberating tapped energy that is now free to flow ... let it go and flow.

If you are unaccustomed to making sounds, you may feel self conscious for a while. If so, move through your discomfort and allow the sound to express itself and emerge from this part of your body. Breathe deeply and allow the sound now to move around. It may become louder or softer, or go higher or lower. It may turn into words or a tune.

Keep your awareness with the part of your body that was tense, and keep following the sound waves as they emerge from your voice. You may notice feelings, images or memories bubbling up ... simply allow them to flow. Keep breathing, keep with the sound, until your body and voice find their own natural resting point.

After this, see how this part of your body feels. If you feel inclined, repeat the exercise, noting how your body has changed since the first try. Afterwards, drink some water and take a walk.

If you found this exercise difficult, you may want to incorporate singing or chanting into your life and spiritual practice, to open your throat and your ability to express yourself with your voice.

These are just a few simple ways that sound and color healing can be incorporated into your life. For more guided meditations and exercises on healing, see some of our guided meditation archive which has some sound and color healing meditations.

You can learn more about the healing properties of color which includes some exercises on how to access your own inner wisdom about color healing.

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