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The Healing Properties of Color

What are the healing properties of color? In order to understand this, it is first important to realize that each color of the rainbow contains a unique vibrational frequency that affects our body, mind and spirit.

Most of us are not aware of this phenomenon because we are busy in our daily lives, and we take the impact of colors for granted. However ancient healing practices have long understood the powerful impact that colors can have on the healing process, and you can begin to awaken this awareness within yourself through some simple exercises of awareness.

Color healing can be incorporated into any self healing process, or any healing modality. The way to begin to understand the healing properties of color is to begin to notice how color affects you in your everyday life.

Developing Awareness of Color

In order to develop an awareness of the healing properties of color, begin with your overall awareness of your environment. Notice how you feel in different places, and notice the colors that are prevalent in those places. This exercise is especially usesful when you are entering a building after being outdoors.

While you are outdoors, notice how your body feels, and notice what kind of thoughts and feelings are happening within you. Notice the colors around you in your environment, and when your eyes rest on the colors, notice how they feel.

Now walk into a building, and notice what changes in your experience. How do you feel now? What kind of thoughts, feelings and sensations happen now? And notice what colors are prevalent in the building. Look at the colors painted on the wall, and when you rest your eyes on them, how do you feel?

When you have developed some comfort in noticing the impact of colors on your overall experience, now begin to experiment with single colors. A simple way to do this is through drawing or painting.

Discover the Healing Properties of Color

For this exercise you need one hours a day day for 7 days, then take a 2 day break in between, then start another 7 day cycle. You will focus on only one color per day, and through this experience you will gain a profound experience of the healing properties of color.

First, create a healing environment in which to do this exercise. If you already have a sacred space set up like an altar, healing or meditation room, this will work best. If this is not yet available in your home, choose a quiet, clean and uncluttered space. Schedule time when you will not be interrupted, so that you can move deeply into your own experience of discovering the healing properties of color.

Have yourself set up with some paper, and either crayons, colored chalk or paint. You want to have at least 14 different colors to play with, that you will explore for the next few weeks. If possible, leave this area set up as a healing space for yourself, so that you can return to it whenever you wish.

Now, take your paper out, and sit quietly in meditation for a few minutes. Notice the movement of your breath, and notice the thoughts, feelings and body sensations that run through your awareness. Don't try to control your experience, simply be aware of your experience.

Now, open your eyes and look at your selection of colors and choose one that most resonates with you. You'll notice that one color attracts you more than the others, and pick up that crayon, chalk or paintbrush and place it to the paper.

Allow your arm and hand to move freely, playing with the color on the paper. Create any kind of design that you wish. As you are moving the color onto the paper, notice how you feel. Notice how the color impacts your eyes. Notice how your body feels. Keep drawing or painting, until your paper is filled with the color that you chose.

Now that you are finished with the drawing or painting, take a moment to close your eyes and return to meditation. Notice how you are feeling now. Notice the thoughts, feelings and body sensations that move through your awareness. While you are meditating, ask your divine inner wisdom to reveal to you the healing properties of this color that you have worked with.

This information may not come to you immediately, so give yourself the suggestion that over the next day and night, your awareness will open to the healing properties of this color.

It is helpful at this time to keep a dream journal, as some of the awareness of the healing properties of color will reveal themselves to you in dreams.

It is helpful to move that crayon, chalk or paint with today's color away from the remaining colors, so that tomorrow you will choose from among the remaining colors to explore.

The next day, repeat this exercise with a new color, and do this for 7 days. Be sure to take a 2 day break before your next 7 day cycle, so that your body, mind and spirit has a chance to incorporate and assimilate the intuitive knowledge you are accessing.

Healing Properties of Color Meditations

For some people, it is helpful in learning about the healing properties of color to experience each color in meditation. This can be done simply in the same manner as the previous exercise, in a quiet sacred space, focusing on one color per day for 7 days and then taking a 2 day break in between.

For this exercise, you will want to spend a few minutes in meditation, and then when you are ready, ask your inner wisdom to show you one color to meditate on. You will begin to see, feel or experience a color, and you want to simply sit with the color and notice how it feels to you. How does the color affect your body, your emotions, your energy?

Sit with the color for no more than 10 minutes at first, and at the end of this time, ask your divine inner wisdom to reveal to you more about the healing properties of this color in the coming day and night. Keep a dream journal, and notice your experiences throughout the day.

The next day, ask for another color to be revealed to you, and so on. You may want to keep a record of your experiences for future healing work.

During these explorations, you will discover that certain colors have healing properties that make you feel better, more energized, more peaceful or more relaxed. This is important information that will help you in your own healng process, and in your service to healing others.

Using Color Healing in Daily Life

You can use what you have learned about these color healing properties to help you in your daily life. The healing properties of color can be used in your home, in your choice of wall coloring, furniture and decorations, and can be used in your choice of what clothing to wear. You can also choose colored lights to bring a soft glow to a room in the color of your choice.

Color is a blessing, given to us by God to bring joy, peace and balance to our lives. Enjoy your explorations and please let us know about your experiences with the healing properties of color!

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