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November 2006


    There are several major changes happening in my body. One is the result of spiritual guidance received that I need to put some effort into taking care of some aspects of my health that I've not been able to attend to. Related to this, I finally had an abscess removed from a tooth that had been giving me trouble for a long while. This was both a relief to feel the infection finally being released, and also created some major challenges as my nervous system is extremely sensitive and the drilling and other intense interventions needed to repair the tooth have caused a lot of pain and difficulty through the disruption of my physical and energy bodies. I see and feel other changes happening physically which I'm told are to prepare me for the next phase of my life. Recently I decided to sell one of my two commercial websites, to make room for the New that is arriving. This feels like a major event somehow.

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Seeing Results

    For a while now I've been feeling an intense sense of anticipation and excitement. The feeling is clearly coming from my spirit or soul, not connected with the challenges of my current life situation. Along with this trend, I was guided a few months ago to begin increasing the visibility of WorldBlessings.net online by writing articles and adding more pages to WorldBlessings.com . I did this diligently, seeing no real increase in traffic or back links register yet in the search engines. After a while, this process became very intense, because of so many difficult energies I am experiencing related to this work, and so I took a break. I spent some time updating my business sites, and increasing traffic to the sites … all the while seeing very little results.

    Just a few days ago I experienced some tangible, though not yet lasting changes in my own body, changes I have been patiently working towards and waiting for. It was the first sign of new life that has manifested in my physical reality. It was a great gift! I also began to see some increase in the traffic ranking and links to World Blessings, as well as my business sites.

    During this time it also has become clear to me that I need to make some space in my life and work. I need to sell one of the business sites, because I feel I will soon not have time to maintain two business sites plus World Blessings. I am hoping that it will find a good new home and continue to bring upliftment and support to the business world in someone else's stewardship.

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Seeing the New Earth

    I had an experience yesterday of suddenly and vividly seeing and feeling the New Earth that is to come. I was driving home and looking at the unique, high desert landscape where we live. Suddenly it transformed vibrationally right before my eyes, and was uplifted into a whole new dimension of light. It looked and felt like a place I have seen and felt in my dreams. This was all happening on the energy levels, for the actual outer appearance of the Earth remained the same. It was a blessing to see and feel this, it is the first time I've had any direct perception of the new reality that is arriving to the Earth. Visit this link

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Outer and Inner change

    I've been seeing more physically manifested signs of change in my day to day life. For a very long time there has been simply waiting, contraction, and lots of difficult energies to contend with. Trying to get anything done has been a real challenge during this period of time. Though I'm still very much experiencing this energy in many different ways, there have been several new events in the past few weeks that are revealing more than a glimmer of the new life that is on its way. One major shift I feel is in my own consciousness, as I am physically seeing and perceiving physical reality very differently. I don't have words for the change, but it feels significant and very much a part of the forward movement.

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