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July 2006

Welcome to my new blog

    Recently I received guidance to resume my blog, which I began publishing in 2005 and then discontinued once I began receiving the Daily Blessings spiritual guidance messages and building the World Blessings Community. I'm not sure exactly what I will share here, however I am grateful for the new beginning that has opened. A massive thunderstorm was passing overhead as I set up my blog software, and I could see the lightning bolts piercing through from the heavens to the Earth, illuminating the high desert landscape near our home, and reminding me of the major state of transition that the Earth has entered into especially in the last year. I often am not alble to fathom with my mind the enormity of all that is transpiring, but I periodically receive glimpses through my intuitive and cellular awareness.

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Fourth of July

    In my studies of American history, I was moved to learn that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4. It is said that Thomas Jefferson, who was very sick, kept asking to know the time as though he were waiting for the 4th to arrive before he passed on. Both men were often at odds with one another in life, but worked together for a common cause and passed to the next world within hours of one another.

    I became interested in American history after I experienced great light in the Declaration of Independence. I perceived it to be the same light that I experience at Mount Shasta, and present within my beloved spiritual teacher.

    It was a revelation for me to understand that God's light was present in the founding of the United States, even though so many severe and incomprehensible injustices such as slavery and genocide were also present at that time.

    Experiencing the light gives me comfort. As our country slips further and further away from spiritual principles, which is a very painful process to witness, some part of me knows that one day the light will be restored.

    For the present moment though, I feel sadness for the consciousness of our nation. The following poem gives me comfort and a larger perspective ... it is called "I AM America". 

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    I've been in a profound process of experiencing myself incarnating more completely into my physical body. Many people on a spiritual path struggle to experience the spiritual realms and to lift themselves above the concerns of physical reality.

    For myself, it has been a lifelong struggle to be more grounded, more focused in the physical realms. What suprises me about my experience of this is the mixed emotions that come up.

    I think I expected it to be a more joyful experience. On the one hand there is a feeling of intense devastation, a massive and overpowering grief to leave what is most precious to me.

    Along with these, there is the feeling that my body is very heavy, foreign, and well, feels like a slab of meat. I am a vegetarian so I don't even like to say this, but it conveys the inner experience.

    At this moment in my process, this feeling of devastation is my overriding experience, but very occasionally I am able to experience something else. There is a kind of ecstatic bliss that arises for just a moment or two, when I experience more fully the wonders of physical life ... all of which are more heightened as I become more 'here' on the Earth.

    I appreciate these very occasional glimpses into another reality that is beyond the suffering I feel. I don't know much about this subject, but I would imagine most people incarnate fully, or mostly, when they are born or soon afterwards, so I feel very much 'out of step' with most of the world.

    In some ways, everything feels new to me, and I try to hold on to this feeling of the new amidst the great difficulty and devastation I am feeling.

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Relationship With the Earth

    It occurred to me today as I was walking on the land, that I had a profound relationship with the Earth that is for the most part inaccessible to my 'regular' day-to-day consciousness. It continually amazes me how much more is happening than I am able to grasp with my mind.

    Mostly the way I have come to know about my relationship with the Earth is through the effect than its absence has upon me as my spiritual path has unfolded. These teachings have presented themselves to me on several occasions, most recently last year when we moved to Ashland, Oregon.

    We lived right in the middle of the city there, which was the first time we had been away from rural living since 1993. We were guided there, and the house was the perfect 'landing place', convenient to everything so we could easily ground ourselves and find work.

    As our path developed there, many unexpected events delayed our ability to find work and housing there. After 9 months in the city, I began to feel extremely unbalanced. I called it feeling "nature starved". It was a completely cellular experience, and very real, and eventually took a toll on my physical health.

    I think my husband had a version of this, though different from me, because he looks so much healthier now that we found a rural home and can be on the Earth with some space around us in the ways that our bodies seem to need.

    The spiritual guidance given during our time here in our new home, is helping me to be more conscious that my relationship with the Earth is helping her in her own transformational process, and is an important part of my spiritual work and service.

    I take continual delight in the magnificence of the mountains and the wide-open space here, and this brings me comfort in the ongoing daily challenges I face.

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Expanding Awareness

    The most recent Light Omega newsletter came out today, the first one in quite a while, and the topic was Planetary Ascension. I found this newlsetter to be very profound, as it opened my awareness to a much larger understanding of what is happening spiritually on the Earth.

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    Much of my experience recently has been related to the experience of contraction ... the opposite of expansion. It is a paradox which I don't understand, because I also can feel God's light continuing to expand on the Earth, and yet in my daily life there is such an ongoing experience of limitation. I do feel the relationship between my daily experience and the energies of darkness I feel present on the Earth. This offers little comfort, but gives me perspective. Most of my experience when this energy is present, is that it takes ten times longer to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. Sometimes the contraction is so amazingly orchestrated so that I accomplish nothing on the practical levels (that I am aware of) , despite an enormous output of effort. And for all the tasks that take ten times longer to accomplish, there are countless others that go undone. Perhaps on the spiritual levels of life something has been accomplished (which my guidance assures me is the case) but I do not see it or feel it. I have become accustomed to persisting though this energy, as I understand that it cannot truly halt the forward movement of God's light, but lately I have felt more tired and discouraged by it. My heart longs for so much more, and daily life offers many blessings but many more limitations. One of the more recent Daily Blessings messages spoke to this, which I appreciated greatly. I try to re-read these when I can, as they help me to stay connected to an inner truth my heart feels. Visit this link

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High Desert

    There is something profound that I feel about bering guided to live in the high desert. This kind of landscape is quite foreign to me, and initially I found it quite unpleasant and stark, but as I've had the chance to be here more, I have come to love this part of the Earth. It feels like a metaphor for this time we're in ... living in the desert, but we're at a high altitude, close to God. Our land is mostly juniper trees and sagebrush, with some tiny wildflowers (yellow, pink, lavender, blue ... beautiful!) that delicately spring up from the earth in the springtime. The ground has patches of sand and lava rock formations. In addition to the convenience of not needing to mow the lawn, there is the blessing of having warm sand to stand barefoot in ... mmmm! It is for the most part hot and dry during the days at this time of year, cool at nights, and at night the magnificent heavens are truly breathtaking. We can see the Milky Way and the stars twinkle quite animatedly like Christmas lights. There are no mosquitos, a real plus, and seeing the snow capped mountains (we can see them from most parts of the house and the land) offers a larger perspective whenever the concerns of daily life begin to feel overwhelming.

    Like many places on the Earth that are experiencing rapid climate change, I see the signs of this in our area too. This past winter we were in the process of moving here, and there was a lot more snow than is usual for this area. The 'normal' precipitation is 18 inches a year ... we must have had that just in the month of December! I remembered this today when I was reading about the problems that England is having with 100 degree heat. They are not equipped for this kind of climate and so are having a lot of challenges coping. I could empathize with the people there. Here in Central Oregon they're not equipped to handle a lot of snow. There are no driveway snowplows out in our rural area. Once you get off of the road into your driveway, you just drive through the snow hoping you don't get stuck! The plowing and de-icing for the roads here is very limited, and my husband and I joked that the one snowplow in town must hve run out of gas! I found it extremely nerve racking to try to drive on such icy roads, especially after my many years living in the northeast where I was accustomed to regular snow plowing. I often wonder how long it will take for local governments to notice what is happening with the climate and to make adaptations in their budgets to respond to the needs. Beaurocracies tend to move very slowly, but climate change and the larger Earth changes are moving very fast.

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Connections and Reconnections

    The past two weeks I've been experiencing increased difficulties with energies of darkness. This started right around the time that Israel began bombing Lebanon, and I could feel the connection between these events. These last few days I have felt something shift, right before the New Moon. (I've been paying attention to the movements of the heavens and how these seem to be related to my inner experiences ... the most difficult times seem to be in the period when the moon is waning.) I wouldn't say that the energies got any easier, but rather I could feel more help to be able to deal with these better. Additionally, I've begun to connect more with people again, after many, many months spent in quiet time. The most precious experiences are reconnecting with friends that I haven't been in touch with for a while. I've had some very beautiful conversations about God and spiritual life recently, with people who visited my business websites, and with friends and colleagues from my days in business. I'm very happy to do this. I also was able to finally update my online photo album with photos of our new home, which made me happy and feels like another step forward in our being here. I'm looking forward to sharing this with many of my friends who have not heard from me in a while.

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The Bigger Picture

This is a picture of the sky near our house. We have magnificent sunsets, and the wide open expanse of space always brings a feeling of perspective whenever I get caught up in the challenges of daily life.

Events in the world situation are accelerating, and I experience this movement within my own being. I am finding it very helpful to read the Light Omega Newsletter which has begun publishing again. This is a comfort to me. I am receiving guidance to increase the exposure of my site WorldBlessings.net and also of my spiritual counseling work, and to continue to reconnect with those people that I've met over the years that I haven't seen in a while.

In the meantime, there continue to be many challenges and limitations in my daily life. It feels so perfect that we are here in the high desert right now. I can feel the temporary nature of this, that one day we will be called elsewhere. But for now there is so much blessing here, and at the same time there is a starkness to the desert that aptly represents the harsh realities of the present time.

There is an openness here energetically. The Earth is majestic and we have so much wildlife that visits regularly, much to my delight. Lately the quail have been here in large numbers, walking in the front yard with their new chicks. They're so cute! They leave little bird footprints everywhere in the sand, it is adorable.

Today a bunny rabbit visited, right close to the porch and wasn't afraid of me. She kept munching for quite a while on the desert vegetation in our yard, and hopped away.

Lately we also have more lizards around, they also seem not to be afraid of me, and will sit there and let me look at them for a while, which I love. They are curious, and come up on the porch, and have even gotten in the house a few times when we leave the door ajar. We also see a lot of grasshoppers right now, they too end up slipping into the house ... we really need to get a screen door for the porch.

The heat has been intense here, and with it the amount of dry, prickly vegetation has increased ... ouch! I also experienced a very extreme bug bite recently. I don't know what bit me but the pain was extreme, like a knife in my foot for hours, and then numbness all through my body, then sickness, body aches.

I had to call my friend who is a doctor, to see whether I needed to go to the hospital! Thankfully not. I found it amusing to have I lived in the Amazon rainforest and several remote, rural places in Brazil, where there are so many more strange and unique insects, and never had any problems.

Now here in quiet rural Oregon, I get a really, really intense bug bite! I felt this experience was connected to the way my body is absorbing energies of darkness from the Earth. The bite was another level of this. Thankfully, a few days later, greater light opened up. That seems to be the pattern these days ... alternating energies, with light always expanding even within the darkness.

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