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Dealing with Generalised Anxiety

by Robert
(Gold Coast Queensland Australia)

hello everyone. My name is Robert and I am a 46yo male who lives on the Gold Coast in Sunny Queensland Australia.

I have been going through a period of anxiety (1 month) that can greatly affect my day-to-day life. My main problems have been getting back to my original sleep routine (10pm to 5am). I have trouble getting to sleep and tend to wake up early 2-3am. I even spent a period of sleeping upright in a lounge chair in the lounge room as when I laid down to sleep in felt like something was stuck in my throat - I went to the emergency department a couple of times and to my GP. She sent me for a number of tests (GI enoscopy, catscan,barrium swallow) all came back as no abnormalilites detected. Some of the doctors labelled it globus hystericus (in my mind). I was sure something was wrong however admitted that my anxiety had made the symptoms worse.

One visit to my doctor I took a sample at what had been collecting at he back of my throat and she said straight away that it was nasal mucus and gave me some medication - I have been on this since last friday and can now sleep in bed on my back. I was so relieved that they found something and that it was not in my mind.I have, and continue to, sleep in the spare room so not to disturb my partner and would really love to return back to sleeping in the same bed - I now feel anxious about night time and about sleeping in the bed next to my partner. My partner understands and has been very supportive.

Lately I have been anxious before I go to bed and have been taking temazapan sleeping tablets 10mg for the last 6 nights. I do not want to rely on medication for sleep.

I have considered seeing my GP to get some antidepresseants, however, would prefer not and have tried some anxiety and stress herbal tablets which have provided great relief on the first day I took them, however, had to take more that night along with a temazpne and hour before going to bed.

I had a super day as on saturday at a friends christening, however, when I arrived home I could feel the anxiety building. My partner went to bed early (8.30pm) and I in the spare room at 10.30-11pm.

I could feel anxiety building during the day at work today (3pm Monday here) for no apparent reason and after discussions with friends and a friend who is a psychologist i will be heading home soon to apply some of the techniques he suggested.

I googled God and Anxiety and discovered this site.

I would appreciate your comments and strategies in how to work through my current situation and return to normal - not taking sleeping tablets and not having to take antidepressant medication.

I look forward to your comments.

God Bless,


Comments for Dealing with Generalised Anxiety

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Mar 28, 2011
by: Mashubi

Hi Robert,

I understand how difficult it can be to feel this kind of anxiety which seems to come from nowhere. The feelings of anxiety create a body sensation that tells us that there is danger, which can be very difficult to tolerate.

Our bodies are quite miraculous and sometimes we carry old inner blockages that begin to heal quite unexpectedly. When this happens, buried emotions that we had no idea we carried begin to rise to the surface.

There are many resources on this site that you may find helpful as you go through this healing process. There is an article on Spiritual Healing for Anxiety, and you can find other articles and other people's experiences with anxiety here at World Blessings Search.

Another resource you may find helpful is the Calendar of Healing which is a daily e-mail series that helps to bring greater spiritual light into our daily lives while we are dealing with pain and suffering. I hope these can be helpful for you.

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