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Daily Blessings Issue #083 -- Creating a Sanctuary of Light
October 05, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Creating a Sanctuary of Light

It is important during this time to not only affirm God's Light and love at each moment, but to have a sanctuary, a space within your home where you can go to feel restored and supported and nourished by God's Light.

These are some practical and spiritual suggestions that will help you to create a Light filled sanctuary in your home. Please understand that these actions that you take, to create a sacred space, also have an important and significant impact on the vibration of your body, your entire home, on all those you live with, and on the vibration of the Earth upon which you reside. Your commitment and willingness to create Light within your home will support of all God's creation to become more filled with God's holy Light.

First, choose a space in your home that you can clear easily of excess clutter. Simplicity is best and if possible a quieter area that is not constantly filled with traffic, noise and so on.

Once you have found this space, wash it well, not only with water but with your thoughts and intentions. Clear away any physical or energetic residue so that the area is sparkling. Avoid the use of chemicals which can upset the vibrational balance of cleansing that is offered by the water and your thoughts. Use pure essential oils, gem essences, gentle castile soaps and other non-toxic items for cleansing of your sacred space.

Next, choose carefully what you put in this space. Start with a simple altar. This can be a small table, a tray table or even a shelf placed on the floor and slightly raised. White or natural wood color most easily supports the higher vibrations of Light. We recommend that you choose a new altar surface, rather than one that has been used for other purposes.

This space should allow for the ability for you to sit in prayer or meditation in front of the altar. If you have a table altar, place a chair nearby that can be used for meditation. If your altar is at floor level, it will be helpful to have a small rug and a pillow you can sit on.

Then find a candle, one that can burn safely unattended if possible. White brings in the highest vibration of God's Light, though you may also be drawn to other candle colors depending on your soul's connection to different vibrations. During your healing and purification process certain colors may be important for your body to receive vibrationally and so you will feel drawn to them.

Next, choose any sacred items that you feel guided to place on your altar. These could be a sacred picture, prayer beads or a rosary, simple spiritual symbols, flowers, crystals, holy water, or any other objects which reflect the sacred, and which support your experience of spiritual life.

Some sacred objects may need to be washed or placed in the sunlight if you have had them for a while, or if they have been exposed to other energies. We recommend for this new sacred space that you create, that you cleanse all objects before placing them on the altar.

Now, look at your altar to see how it looks and feels to you. You will notice right away a certain energy and vibration. Find some quiet time to sit in front of your altar in prayer. Give thanks for this new space you have created, and ask within if there is anything further that you need upon your altar or within your sacred space.

Once your altar is complete, it is time to activate it with your first meditation or prayer time. This is an important and sacred time when you affirm God's Light within yourself and within your home, and where you ask God's holy presence to come and be present with you.

If you live with others, and they are willing to participate, ask them to sit with you for this first prayer and meditation time. Open your meditation with the affirmation

God's Light lives within me
God's love lives within me
God's presence lives within me

Then ask in your prayers for God's holy and divine presence to be with you in this sacred space, and that this space becomes a sanctuary of God's love and Light for you and for all present in your home.

Enter within the space of prayer with humility and reverence, and with love in your heart. Teach those who are present in your home, who may not know about spiritual matters, that this is your sacred space and it is to be used only for prayer and meditation, and should be treated with respect and care.

The act of reverence both inner and outer creates an experience and an understanding of God's holiness. All souls have within them and experiences of this, for all souls were created from this essence of God's divine heart flame.

Before you close your first prayer and meditation session in your new sacred space, take the time to speak either aloud or in prayer, your deepest prayers and intentions for your life, and for your home. If you live with others and are activating your sacred space together, it will be supportive to speak your intentions aloud so that all in the home can hear and support the intentions of the others.

When you are complete, close your meditation and prayer time with a heartfelt prayer, and with gratitude for God's presence and gifts. We are available to assist in this process and can be present during the activation process, to help bring greater Light to this new space within your home and within your heart.

May all beings be blessed with God's holy love.
May all beings be nurtured with the peace of God's holy Light.
May all beings come to know and feel God's love within them. Amen.
Copyright 2005

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