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Comments for Bereft Wife, Mother, Grandmother

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Dec 19, 2007
Deepest prayers and blessings
by: Mashubi

Dearest one, I am so sorry for this terrible pain you have experienced, and for the ongoing suffering and torment you are enduring. I pray that your spirit be healed in all ways. May the grief and pain in your heart be healed, may the wounds and burdens you carry be released into God's holy love and mercy. I pray for the light and love of God to surround you, comfort you, protect you and free you fully and completely from this torment, so that you may once again experience love, light, blessing and peace. With much love to you.

Dec 20, 2007
by: A Friend

I pray for your healing, beloved one, and for the healing of your heart which is deeply wounded and feels betrayed. May forgiveness come to your heart so that you can be set free.

Dec 20, 2007
by: Geri

You should be glad that this all came to a head
and people can see it is your husband who is
crazy.....this is ridiculous....what kind of
man would do something like this.....you deserve
much better and you should right now decide that
these two deserve each other and YOU are the
one who deserves the Best as you sound as if
you have been a wonderful devoted wife and mother.
Please remember if you dont love yourself how
can anyone else so right now get to loving you.
Do something nice for yourself whether it be a
trip to the beauty shop, nails toenails or just
plain take a vacation, maybe a cruise.........
I hope this is possible for you.....do something
out of character to knock his socks of......
Lady you rule because you have taken enough.

God will be your escort and He will be your husband you need no one else until he sends another man for you if it is his will.

Blessings to you....I feel your pain.


Dec 20, 2007
Grateful for your caring
by: Bereft

I humbly thank you for your prayers. I am a Canadian Native American, and my real Indian name means Snowbird. My internal eye sees myself as a broken, wounded snowbird, with my blood staining the fresh fallen snow. I am too weak and exdhausted to pray for myself anymore. I hope God hears your prayers on my behalf and has pity on me, through the kindness and love of you beautiful, loving strangers.

Dec 21, 2007
by: A Friend

Dearest One, Peace to your heart which is deeply wounded and feels betrayed. May forgiveness come to your heart so that you can be set free.

Dec 22, 2007
by: Mashubi

Dearest Snowbird, thank you so much for sharing more about yourself and your beautiful name. You are most welcome, we are honored to pray for you. May God's love lift up your spirit and reveal to your inner eyes the shining being of light that you are.

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