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Bereft Wife, Mother, Grandmother

My husband of 40 years is now living with a surrogate daughter as my replacement. He had convinced my family that I was crazy & imagining his affair with this girl. The family took sides and I have been basically stripped of the security of a lifetimes work, effort and love, and the young girl enjoys the fruits of our life together. My spirit suffers, my heart is slow in healing, even as the two year date of my beloved husbands' unexpected assault on me approaches. I don't know how to get over the losses, now how to stop grieving. I somehow pity my husband at the same time, as he is trying to avoid old age and death through these ugly mechanisms. Todays society finds such activities totally acceptable. I am a stick in the mud for not "moving on". I pray for an end to my torment. Please accept my thanks for your prayers for my healing and the healing of my family.

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