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Who wants Love?

by Sulekha

Would u like to help me sharing my love?
I dont laugh at people, just laugh w them,
I smile to them and let them happy,
Making them feeling loved and realised.

Who wants it? Hello? Someone? Its free!

Would you like to share ur love w me?
It smells like roses,
It feels like ur relaxing swiming in the ocean,
Feels like love itself: it is Love.

Who wants it?

Would u like to spread our love to the world?
What does it seem like?
Does it make you feel happy?
Does it relax you and make you feel confident?
Does it make you smile?

Why dont we make other people smile also?
Does the love really smell like roses
Or does it just feel good by itself?

Do you need a smile or a hug?
Do you need a hand to help you
Or a shoulder to cry?

Do you think that its selfish
Or u dont deserve it?
Try 1 simple thing:
Try something called Love.

Try to give a hand who needs
And a hug to make them comfortable
And a shoulder to cry and share good and bad moments
And smile called 4giveness...

Try simply the simplicity
Try simply the honesty
Try simply the sincerity
Try simply to Love...

You´ll c, after you do all these
To whom who needs you
You´ll feel the love,
More and more stronger...

And when you look back,
You´ll feel that when you give
You will also receive...

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