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When I Go

by Adrian Marroquin
(Shafter, California, USA)

When I Die,
I Bet I'll Go Brutally,
These Dreams I'm Having,
Showing Me The Possibilities,

I Don't Care About Being Remembered,
Or Idolized At All,
I Just Want People To Understand,
What It Is For I Shall Fall,

Everyone Has A Purpose,
These Thoughts Were Meant For Me,
They Were Given To Me,
In My Honest Belief,

I'm Just A Messenger
Like Many Others You've Seen,
So When I Go,
Don't Cry Or Be Scared For Me,

But Let It Be A Day Of Peace And Understanding,
Let This Be The Day,
You See Life As It Can Be,
Filled With Beauty,

When I Go,
I'll Be Sure To Watch Over You,
They Can Take My Physicality,
But My Soul Belongs With You,

So After I'm Gone,
Know That I'm Still With You,
In You Soul,
Guiding You Through,

That's How I Feel,
What You Feel Inside,
Reading Your Emotions,
As If They Were Your Eyes,

They Are Ever So Beautiful,
They Are Your Soul's Perfume,
They Make You Unique,
And Make Me Love You Too,

But That's Only The Beginning,
Deep Inside There Lies,
A Light Trying So Hard To Shine Bright,
But Your Too Scared,
To Dare Let It Ignite

Scared Of Being Vulnerable,
To Others People's Spite,
And What They Would Think Of You,
If They Seen Your Light,

Your Only Vulnerability Is,
How You See Yourself,
So Change Your Perspective,
To See The Beauty Within Yourself,

In Your Appearing Weakness,
Was Your Hidden Strength,
So Embrace It,
And Give Yourself Thanks,

Love Is Not Blind,
It Just Sees With The Soul's Eye,
So Open Your Soul,
And Share Your Loving Light,

Then You Will Find Love,
Within All Of Life,
See The Beauty In Others,
So You May Connect Your Lights,

Love Isn't Just An Emotion,
It's A Lifestyle,
Only You Can Create Your Happiness,
Just See That It's Worth-While.

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