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Urgent Prayer Request for Pam

Please pray for my relationship with my fiance. He called off the wedding a few weeks ago. We have not been getting along very well and i'm not sure why. I love him so much. We have a child together. I really am praying that this relationship works out. He is so mean to me at times for no apparent reason. Sometimes he makes me feel like he doesn't love me anymore. Please pray to God that he will make our relationship strong again. I pray that God will help him realize how special i am and teach him to appreciate me and all that i do more each day. I pray that he will spend time with me again and focus on what God has blessed us with together. Also, I am praying that God will send his child to Atlanta to be with his mother because our household is full at the moment and we cannot afford another child right now. I am not in a situation where i could take care of 2 little kids. Dear God Please help me this situation is urgent.

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