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tired,depressed,lonely and feeling like a failure to everyone

by johan
(south africa,norht west)

thts me

thts me

it feels as if god has abandoned me.My father's very ill and we have no more money left.I feel like such a failure cause i can't provide for my dad and mom because my work does not pay enough.please pray for us.

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Jul 29, 2008
tired,depressed,lonely, and feeling like a failure to everyone
by: Naomi

In my experience, the times I have felt helpless to be able to solve and fix the problems of those I love, or to somehow be able to ease their suffering or meet their needs, have been the most difficult times for me. It raises the frustration level and increases our own pain to be unable to find solutions. So we walk with them, loving them, hurting for them, being present as best we can, and we turn to others who understand. We reach out and pray for help, and we pray for the strength to bear it.
I lift you up from across the distance, and I bless the spaces between us to hold you in prayer.
May you be comforted and know that to be loved is a great gift for them, and the beautiful gift of your caring reaches to the true healing, which is of the heart.
We cannot always be the one who saves others, but we can always love them....and love ourselves. It is the deeper redemption.
May you feel the empowering Presence of Love to be with those who need you.
May the help somehow come to you, through special programs, or from a source you are yet unaware of, and may you be sustained by grace.


Jul 29, 2008
Prayers for Johan
by: Deb

Dear Johan...I add my love and prayers to Naoimi's....KNOW, you are not alone...sometimes the feelings are so strong...let them pass thru you and be replaced by love....may miracles occur that you may know the extent to which you are loved in this lifetime....may your angels guide you and lift you....my father is dying each day as he cannot breathe without oxygen and each day worsens...the letting go with love is the only way I can move forward....love to you.

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