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The World Needs Change of Mind and Hearts

by Hosein Ameri

The change of world need change
Of mind and hearts.
And what should be in our mind and hearts
Is faith and believe true light of God
And great faith to Allah
And his book.

We must not obey Satan and satanic people
We must not do sin, and we must not lie
And not hurt others.
We must stand on peace and not be jealous
We must be and must do good for others

We must be against bad, we must follow
Instruction of saints and prophets
And we must go to real Islam
And we must do what Christ as a messenger said and what Mohammed said

We must love all messengers
And we must respect them all

We must learn more not only from human and book, but we must be connected to another
Source of infinite which come from God only

Not from Satan.

In case we understand with knowledge the faith to Allah and his path and his light
And not fall in hand of Satan

Then we can change worlds
Worlds r full of Satan and full of jealous and who like power and money and who
Not help poor /and just they live for themselves.

Only in worlds should be true pure spiritual man and womans that not follow Satan but follow real god and Allah and real religious
With knowledge and understanding.

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