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"It is extremely important right now, at a time when all of us are living with heightened levels of stress, that you have a peaceful, nourishing place to rest and recuperate. If you have young children, it is extra important that you have help and support to be able to create quiet time for yourself.

Even if you live in crowded conditions, find a way to create a little corner of peace and tranquility. Create an altar for your home that carries a sacred vibration and provides you with a place to retreat to, to be nourished by light. Simplify your living space, and let go of any clutter or objects that are unnecessary or that do not reflect your highest intention. Open the windows regularly to bring in fresh air, and to release old energies. You may find air purifiers helpful in more crowded places, or in the room where you sleep.

Be aware of how you feel when you enter each room in your home. If the energy feels heavy, clogged, or difficult, look around and see how you might be able to lighten it. If airing out the room, cleaning up the clutter and removing unnecessary objects does not improve the energy, take a look at the rugs, drapes, upholstery, shower curtains and towels in your home.

Touch them and see how they feel to you. Fabrics can hold a great deal of energy and can become saturated with energies that are released through the purification process. Rugs especially can hold a great deal of energy, as the energies released through the purification process leave the body through the feet. sometimes you can deep clean the fabrics or the rugs, but in some cases you may find the energies are too saturated and you'll need to replace them, or get a non-fabric alternative."

thank you.. in jesus name clean us ...inside out...bodies..mind soul spirit...home and help us to move out ........ job ...home.......

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