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Spirituality and Sustaining it in the Workplace

by Patricia
(Louisiana, USA)

I also work "for" people with disabilities. There is a constant demand for one to keep in touch with ones inner self and wisdom during the course of the job.

For every inappropriate behavioral issue that one encounters, one has to reach into the depths of ones soul, for the correct response. Clearly keeping ones perspective in check. Totally remembering that being in service is part of the contract with higher energy. And that part is the simple job.

What the real job consist of would be to shine an example to ones coworkers that are having a much more difficult journey during these very difficult times.

Most of the coworkers express how difficult it is for them to deal with work when so many things are so wrong in their outer lives. We have had our troubles with the negative energies at work. Enough so that it hit the headlines in the paper. Many were put out, some just quit and very few of us stayed as our belief that the darkness had come to light and changes were coming.

And they did. A total new management team that crack the whip when someone has not followed the rules. More attention given to the people that we work for and last but not least. For those that worked very hard and did not jump ship, financial rewards abound.

I have found that no matter where we end up in this world whether it is at work or in our neighborhoods, we are going to encounter things that will always put us to the extreme test.

Through these tests, I feel that we learn more and
are able to actually develop our spirituality with great measure and strength. Besides, remembering that everything is in "Divine" order always seems to take the edge out of the situations.

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Dear Patricia
by: Deb

I commend you for being able to sustain your beingness within such a workplace. When working with extreme cases of disability in WA State, I was so deeply affected that I had to leave...it was not the disabilities per se, but the mindset of those that entered into that realm and what it did to them as far as their descent into greater disability. Much love to you for holding the light there.

In gratitude for YOU!

Spirituality and sustaining it in the workplace.
by: Patricia

Dear Ms. Deb,
I wanted to take time for a reply to you so that I may open my mind to an answer that I hope you and others can follow as I try to explain.
Some can say that nothing comes easy.
I would imagine that it is all in perception and how we "react" to things in our lives.
An example of it from me to you and other readers is that my life has always been a struggle.
The more I thought it that way the more the struggle. As we get older, sometimes we can become wiser. Mostly being guided by others and really paying attention to what is being stated.
Long story made short.
8 years ago, I lost my job of 12 years through a major corporation layoff of many.(I might note that they are still on Fortune 500 list.)
One day later my husband walked out. I had to close up housekeeping of many years (and frankly was not caring if I ever did it again.)
I lost my 401k and the house was purposely in arrears (little of my knowing it)
I had a whole $17 in my pocket.
I was hungry for anything spiritual that would
assist me to get through those nightmarish days.
I found a site that talked of Kabbalah and many
good writings.
More than that.. to me it was the keys to life
itself if one wanted to become disciplined enough to put miracles into ones life.
I found that there are many universal laws that one must relearn and practice constantly .
I will never state that it is easy for that would make me subhuman of which I am not.
But what I will state is that the more we practice the easier it is to integrate such in our lives .
The more we integrate the laws the more the "miracles" as long as one can remember that
everthing must be to serve all instead of for
just oneself.
One last word, although I have worked in my place of employment for almost 6 years now..
many things have happened and changes have taken place.
The most rewarding is to work with a person with
disabilities and actually see changes within them. WIth that it takes a lot of work and patience and never giving in to the thought that
"you" can never make a difference.
Even with our coworkers.
Thank you for your kind words.

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