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by Messenger of Yah
(New Jersey)

Father  Yahweh....to you praise in glory belongs...what is it for you to be mindful of man...upon the fall we lost our perfect image of you, but today high and lofty one who is wonderful and terrible in presence for your power and glory can not be understood - you see but can not be seen.  You are unapproachable but yet so near- what a paradox.. We lift up your holy name with praise today and forever more we sing and dance with worship. May your brilliant light guide us through every dark path, may your love surpass all hurt and pain. May your grace strengthen us in times of trials and may your mercy keep us protected through all tribulations! By your anointing power, let these words take on life and may the Holy Spirit breath life into these words - for what you speak comes into life...so be it!

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