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Save My Friend

by Ranjita

Dear Lord Jesus, Deliver my soul. I’m waiting for a miracle in my life so that my relationship with my closest friend is restored back.Deliver me from this pain God.
I and my friend were very close to each other and were soul of each other .Hurt to one was tear to other.
Since 1 year my friend makes me cry every day by not finding time for me. Now she has almost stopped talking to me except her traveling to office and home.And now to even that has been reduced.Hardly she talks to me in full day.Today things are same with me.i still care for her the same way but she doesn't care at all.
Because a guy proposed her showing her wrong dreams and took her away from me . He always wanted me and my friend to be away from each other as i take lot care of my friend and use to do all things for her and give her all the happiness.He had just bewitched her.
I and my friend were supposed to live together for each other forever and promised each other for this that whatever may happen wherever we go in future we will never ever change our relation.. We had promised that even after getting settled we will make our partners understand our relation and bring them together which will help us to be together forever.She kept me away from the people so that i never move away from her and i never did also.
She made me follow all the promises but herself went against all the promises.She spends all her time only with that guy.She finds time to talk to him and message him but for me she is all busy sometime due to office work and some time family problem.She have many excuses to be away from me.Whenever she needs me i always remain available to her but she just avoids me .Being with guy she never attends my call,never reply my messages nothing.She to just don't have time for me. Whenever she is with me than also she keep talking and messaging to that guy.Actually that guy really is jealous of my n my friends relation/She dont take care of me the way she used to do.Now she find my care as my possessiveness.I still love her a lot.
She almost cheated me in our relation.She broke my trust n all the promises.For her happiness i agreed with everything Jesus.But today giving her all the happiness also I m in pain she still avoids me a lot n tell lot lies also.She hides all the things from me.I maintained this relation on true love n trust.She just don’t care for anythng she is just moving ahead in her own way with that guy wothout thinkng for a moment for me.I dont know if I m wrong by asking u her luv for me back the way it was, Please forgive my sins and also all her sins.
But Jesus You know that guy is using her in every way.He is using her money her body he just dont take care of her.She is becoming week day by day.He keep her muv along with him everywher he goes n also want to go with her everywer she goes.In all this i m being avoided.
Now to that guy had started calling her when she talks to me during her travel and dont allow her to talk to me.He dont allow her to talk to me in any way.Trying to take her away from me.She herself told me that he is taking her away from every one.She started fighting with her family coz he tells all wrong things for her family and than she reacts with the things.Today she don’t love her family at all.Please help her Jesus.Bless her so that she understands the things.That guy is just not earning anything and forcing her to earn lots of money and get flat where thay both will live together.He tells her that he will never allow her to come back to her parents house.He only want her to do things what he says without thinking of her her feelings and her happiness.He is forcing her for each and everything if she don’t do any thing that he says than he avoids her a lot and don’t talk to her he hurts her a lot.He is using her in every way.He is making her live a lonely adjusting sacrificing and a unhappy life.
Today he says her that he will not be able to give a happy liofe n so she should ask her parents to give all things for her comfort after the marriage.He is forcing to be out with him without family permnissin.and if they disagree than also he wan ther to be withhim only in every way.He forces her to leave her offce work and cum to mee thim as n wen he tells.In a month for 25 days hemake her cry by ignoring her by not talking to her.He really gives lot of pain to her.
Please take that person away from my friends life and give her the good life partner.This guy and his father both are forcing the family also for the marriage.I cant see her in this pain the way she cries really hurts.I don’t knw wat has her family also seen in that guy.Jesus I want that guy n his family to be away from her at the earliest so she can live her life very happily.
Jesus U know wat is right n wat is wrong.It is really painful for wat she has done to me.
But Lord Jesus I forgive her for the things That she did to me. Because I love her so much that it hurts to live without her.It hurts more to see h er in that pain. O'miracalous Lord please touch her heart and turn her heart to me.
Please Lord make her come back to me in Jesus name. I just want to be with her and give her all the happiness.. Lord Jesus grant my this humble petition and for whole of my life I will be grateful to you. I know Lord that you will not forsake my prayers . Bless me and give me strength. Lord I give my life and my friend's life into your loving hands and your care. Lord I have no where to go. You are refuge and you are my stronghold. You are my savior please Lord do not abandon me. My soul is hurting. I have been through so much pain in my life. I really love my friend and want to spend rest of my life together with her. Please help me. Please Lord let this be my Life time gift in Jesus name. I really care for our relation and want her back to me the way it had all started between us in ur arms.Jesus u gave her to me as a blessing n today u cant take her from me in this way.Please give me my luv my friend back Jesus.Amen

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