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Prayers for my Granddaughter's Surgery

by Vergie

I'm asking prayers for my granddaugther Sohpi.she will be having open heart surgery on the 22second of march. she has a hole in her heart and the left sife of the heart is not working right the blood is flowing to much in it and her heart is inlarge for a 3 year oldi'm praying for her recovery.i can't lose another child i lost to daughters in 3 years apart of drug over dose.iknow it's in god's hands. these past 3 years almost made me crazy. i made it through but God was with us through it all and i praise him for giving me the time with my daughters,please put her sohpi on your paryerlist.i'm a praying person so let me know if anyone else needs prays and i'll pray for them thank you so much for this site. love vegie

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