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Prayer Request - I worry so much about my job and the house

by Nai

Dear Lord,

I know you are watching over me now. I am stuck. I really needed this house but I don't know if they will accept my offer because I offer below the offer price. Lord, I believe in you if this house is given by you. Regardless whether there are hippocrite going on and the house will still remain to my right. I have been looking for a house for such a long time but this house is the best interest I have with. There is two thing that i am concern is a job. I have a job now but with low pay. I don't know if they are going to hire me as a permanent or not. Therefore, lord please turn this into a permanent and I am willing to wait as long they have me in there working. I have ask my boss to give me a raise because I live so far away and I am in critical need right now regarding financial. My loan are up right now and I am about to get a new mortgage where I will live happily. But lord everything is up to you decision. I myself cannot make any decision. You see if I offer the price they asking then my payment will be really high and I cannot manage it. If I offer below the price then I am worry that they will accept my offer. Oh lord, I am really confuse. Therefore, I have decided that I believe in you and if this house is given by you then everything will workout just fine. Because GOD is a miracle and god is everything. Everything is possible to happened by LORD. I believe in you lord, that you help me!! Lord, please I pray that you help me pray for Ryan to not to make me worry or say anything that will make me worried. I hope when he return my call tomorrow everything will be fine. Just fine. Lord please pray for me and I am seeking for help!! I really do. For the past few day, I been worry so much about my job and for the house. Please lord, help me sort everything out in your way. Thank you GOD Amen!

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Oct 11, 2008
Prayers fo Nai
by: Deb

Dear Nai....I pray for PEACE in your heart as all unfolds...YES, all is in perfect and divine order and I pray that you can rest in the unfolding...I speak as one who is in the midst of uncertainty myself....may TRUST and FAITH abound within us as we reach the shores of what is to come....in this very moment, I stand in love and hold that for you as well....for our highest good, I pray...my love to you and may you know in your heart you are loved.

Oct 26, 2008
For Nai with love and light
by: Rainbow

be reassured nai that all is necessary for the cleansing of the planet. hold fast and do not get sucked into the fear, your fear will attract more fear from the collective consciousness that is so prominent at this time with so many people floundering and in chaos. all will be well, all will be well. trust that you are never alone, even if you think you are and that you are being nurtured and guided at this time. Have faith, see the light in you, the light all around you, and the light of your future. every night join the palms of your hands and see you and your difficult situation in your palms, then surround it with love and light. visualise sending your problem upwards through a light grid and trust that your request will be heard, that you will be given strength, courage and knowledge to your higher self that will enable you to make the right decisions at this time, then fall asleep in peace because all is and will be well. love and light my friend.

Feb 10, 2011
Successful Pregnancy
by: Roseanne

I am asking for prayers for Jenny and her 10wk. old fetus. She has had 3 miscarriages in the past and is under close watch from her specialist. She will be having an ultrasound today Feb. 10 at 11:00. Please pray that the baby is healthy and has a strong heartbeat. She had some minimal spotting that lasted a day but we did go straight in to emergency and the baby was fine. All we pray for is a good outcome with at the end of this long journey a healthy baby! And if wouldn't be too much to ask for a prayer for myself who worries beyond worries for Jenny and Baby Devore! Thank You all who can pray!

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