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Prayer Request for the Healing and Renewal of my Marriage

by ronnie

I have been praying over the past weekend that millions of people would receive the miracles that they have been waiting on from our Lord. I also pray that those that didn't will not give up. That we will all continue to pray and fight and most importantly believe.

I haven't received my miracle yet but will never give up. I found myself literally brought to my knees in tears crying out to Jesus this weekend for my wife and all prodigal spouses and know my tears were not in vain. God held me in his arms and heard my cries. I continue to stand and pray for the salvation of my wife. For the healing,renewal,and reunion of my marriage and all marriages attacked by satan. I believe in Gods power and the promises he has put on my heart.

Have faith that my wife Tina is being touched and healed by God. All of our husbands,wives,mothers and fathers are being touched by Jesus and being prepared for a home coming to us.
Pray and believe.

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