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Prayer Request for Justin

Almighty God, the source of everything, and the seed of Chirst that dwells within, hear my call. I ask that everything that isn't in alignment with your holy will be dispelled from my being with ease and grace. I ask that mercy be placed on my soul and to use me in any way that would benefit the unfoldement of your holy plan. I ask that you slowly show me yourself, at a pace I am ready for, and use me as an instrument for healing. I ask that you show me the path and way to integrate my own ego self with my higher self. Please, show me the way of the masters. Please attune to me to my ascended brothers and sisters and help me heal and transform all karma I have. Please show and help me love myself. Show me that love extends beyond my own needs, and show me the love that is unconditional. Bless every life that is seeking guidance, harmony, and the path back home to you. Help us all see in full view all our limitations and our strengths. Give us all endurance, to face the dark side within and without and to see us through the challenges we face. Amen.

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Jun 27, 2008
May it be so

Blessings and Amen to your sacred prayer.

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