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Prayer Request for Aubree, her Mother Laura and their Family

by Janet Oloughlin
(Perris, California)

Our Niece, Laura recently had a set of twin girls. Aubree and Rylee. They are six months old. One of the twins, Aubree, was born with only one lung and her heart was on the other side. The heart had a hole in it which was recently repaired. Right now she is in a Chicago Children's hospital fighting for her life. Actually she has been hooked to a respirator keeping her alive.The respirator has been disconnected. Her Mother needs prayer immediately, as Aubree is only expected to live not even a day. My prayer request is for everyone to pray for Laura and her family trying to cope with this horrible trauma. And for comfort in her time of grief. Thank-you Janet Oloughlin.

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Jan 19, 2009
Blessings and prayers
by: Mashubi

Dearest Janet,

Thank you for letting us know that Aubree has returned to God. May God comfort her mother and family, and may you continue to be abundantly blessed. Thank you for your kind words for our site.

Jan 19, 2009
Last Update on Aubree Oloughlin
by: Janet Oloughlin

On Jan.18th,2009,at 5:30 the LORD recieved little Aubree.She was surrounded by her family, who loved her so much, with her Grandmother,{Carol} holding her little hand. Aubree entered an Indiana hosp. on Dec.31st,2008,with congestion. While at the hosp. she suffered a massive stoke, and actually died. She was revived, and taken to Chicago Childrens hosp. where the family was told she would never recover.She spent the next 2 weeks fighting so,so, hard. Athough we never got the chance to meet our "great neice",we know we will someday.The LORD bless each and every one who prayed for little Aubree and her family.And Thank-You for this website.

Jan 14, 2009
Update from Janet
by: Mashubi

Janet sent me this update, for those of you continuing to pray for Aubree...

Update on Aubree; Today is January 12th. Little Aubree is still with us. The doctors have been saying any time now for several days.They say all of her organs have been shut down since the 4rth or so. I guess they are waiting for all of the stem cells to shut down.Thank-you for all of your prayers. They have helped so much. Please continue to pray for Laura and her family who, by now, must be completely exhausted staying by her side all of this time. Blessings to all......Janet Oloughlin

Jan 08, 2009
Thank you for the update
by: Mashubi

Thank you Janet for the update on Aubree. What a beautiful soul she is! We are grateful to have her here on Earth with us for even this very short time. I received your photos, thank you. Our site can only upload photos in .jpg format which is why you may have had trouble uploading them. I continue to send prayers for Aubree and her mother Laura, and for her sister Rylee and your whole family. Blessings.

Jan 06, 2009
Update on Aubree
by: Janet Oloughlin

It has been 2 days since I wrote in about little Aubree. I can't believe she is still here with us hanging on. They say all of her organs have shut down and they are waiting for her stem cells to die. Her heart rate is 18 beats a min. I do have a pic. of her that I would like to post but I don't see where to do it. Thank-yu to all who have been praying. I think your prayers are what is keeping her alive,so Laura can have more time before letting go.

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