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Prayer Request - Financial Crises

by E. vW

Our financial situation is in a very desperate situation. My business had no income for several months now, and the result is that I could not take any income. Debts are mounting, I had to sell our car, and the bank wants to repossess our home. I have even send my CV for employment, but had no success to date.
I have proclaimed scripture over the situations, I pray over the projects, but it is as if my prays is hitting the roof. I have applied for loans, and any financial assistance, other work, online work, anything that can bring in some income for me and my family.
I trust that God will supply all my needs, but I am desperate. I am trying to understand what I am doing wrong. have tried various options, but still no progress. My family and I are tired and depressed. If anyone has an answer, please help.

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Jan 27, 2009
Financial Crisis
by: Debbie

Dear Saint:

I will touch and agree with you that the Lord will give you a financial breakthrough, and that S---n takes his hands off your finances in the spirit realm and on earth. Ask him what should you do and wait and see what he says and have faith things will work out.

The hardest thing to do is back up and let God take over. Faith without works is dead, and faith without trust he will work it out, means let go and let God.

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