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Prayer for Me and my Child and Family


Dear Brother/ Sister in Christ, Thank you for the prayer help you are giving to me. I request you to kindly keep on praying for me and for my child in the womb and also for my daughter and for whole family. Please also pray for my job as I am very much suffering hear. My DIrectors are angry with me. Please pray that my job will be secured and I can get leave during my delivery time. Even though my Director is a lady but she always tells others that you must have only one child etc. because her work will suffer. So please pray that her mind may change and for some mistakes she gets angry with me. Please pray for my job security and also for my womb child. Also pray as my daughter and my parents are going to kerala today. Please pray for their secure journey i.e. they reach safely to Kerala and meet every relatives and come back safely. With lots of love and prayer, Your sister in Christ, Asha

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