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Prayer for Marriage Encouragement

by Ronnie

Well its another day which means its another day to stand,pray and fight for our marriages, families, and friends. Its another day to expect miracles.
While standing for our loved ones as they are out sinning in the far country is one of the most painful times we ever lived through it is also one of the greatest showings of unconditional love that we can make for our loved ones. Knowing that they have betrayed us, hurt us, abandoned us is the tip of the ice berg. Knowing that satan is controlling their live is just as painful. Hearing that our spouses are attempting to start new lives with new people right before our very eyes is so gutwrentching. But never forget that this is all satans illusions and will never work or last. Jesus calls us to pray for our loved ones and to believe that he will bring them back to the Father and back home to us. Our seperations are only temporary as God promises that our loved ones will return home.
Lets keep believing in the promises of our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep crying out to the Lord morning, noon and night. Remember that Jesus is our miracle worker and that Gods word never returns void. This battle is the Lords to fight and he is in control. Nothing can stop Jesus from doing what he says he will do.
Never give up. Try not to focus on the pain and the circumstances. Focus on the eyes of the Lord.
Praying for us all.

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