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Prayer for Job

by Peggy

I have being out of work for two years now but I thank God I have never lacked food to eat, a place to lay my emotionally wrecked body, few friends who have never deserted me, family who always have my back even though they have a few pennies to spare. What I have gone through for the last three months has left me questioning sometimes what God really wants with me, but the last incident made me stronger and my family cannot believe I did not break down. I have gone through accidents (or someone claiming to have being injured by me, case pending in court), dads hospitalization on new year?s day and his operation thereafter (it was successful), carjacking that ended with a sexual assault that left me visibly shaken but more stronger than I have ever been (was always termed the timid and the coward of the family). We had to move from the neighbourhood for fear of attacks again and the memory of the home is not good as was carjacked at the gate of our home which means we had to move to safer (relative) neighbourhood and that came with an increase in our expenses as sadly rents skyrocketed to unimaginable levels in two years (the last time I "house hunted") and the small business my sister had started is not doing well. My applications to several jobs offers have gone unanswered and what I had saved from my 11 years of working is quickly going to zero. Now my family is shaken again as my dad is unwell again and we are still recovering from the medical bills we paid in January, am requesting for all the prayer warriors to pray for my family dearly in this time so that we remain strong in the Lord and have deep rooted faith that all things will work out for good to those who believe in the Lord. I pray for a final break through with a job in the name of Jesus Christ to be able to finally support my family.

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