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Prayer for Healing in Relationship and for a Beloved's Success

Because of my fears, I hurt the person I love the most in this life and pushed him away. I would like to ask for prayers that the sacred love and connection that we had - and I know we still have - will make this relationship strong and everlasting. I've asked him for forgiveness and it hurts me to hurt him. May we come out of this renewed and with a much deeper love and bond. I would also like to ask for prayers for his personal success in the book he is trying to finish and for opportunities for him to be able to share his noble work in helping people go through personal challenges. I love him so much and I have faith that together we will be able to give more to the community than when we are alone. I have faith in the love that first brought us together. May we both realize that the love we have will overcome the challenges that we're both facing now. Thank you and blessings to you all! - B.

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