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Prayer for Forgiveness and Miracles

by Kimberly
(Orange Park, FL)

I am up this morning in turmoil. I know over the last month that I have not trusted and believed, I argue and cry and fight and am making others miserable because I am falling apart. I have been told a miracle will happen this weekend and I pray that this continues to ring true despite my failure to sit still and stay silent. I need so much help right now because I just can not sit still and give this over. I am scared and confused. I layed awake this morning praying for the intercession of Jesus on my behalf. I have ruined so much by not staying still and quiet and feel like everything is just hopeless. I've been told I can't hear God or see signs from him without being quiet. I do not understand why so much is happening to me. I don't understand why I've lost half of my heart that doesn't seem to be coming back when I know this situation is not right. I am crying out and pleading for this miracle in my life. I am lost and alone and desperate. I have hurt the one person I love most in this word because of this turmoil and I need God to protect her and surround her with angels. I pray and ask that all circumstances are aligned for me as I ask to receive my miracle by the 15th. God knows the importance of this date. It is hard for me to trust with so much confusion and hurt and pain. I pray that God shines light through this situation, forgives me for everything, and restores my happiness that I ask for. God, hear and answer my prayers and the prayers for my loved ones.

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