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Pray Request

by Ana
(San Diego , CA)

God Bless You, and thank you for your prayers.
Please pray for myself(Ana) i out in a few applications for Sharp Hospital, please pray that they call me soon for a job opportunity, please Heavenly Father, in the name of Our Lord Jesus, Amen<3
my second prayer is for my mom (leticia) please pray that she gets a car soon she needs one.in the name of Our Heavenly Father, Amen<3
and my final prayer, is for myself (Ana) and my boyfriend (Briyan) please pray that our relationship stays strong, that our hearts fill with happiness and love,please pray that our little arguments stops,and that we stay strong for eachother, please pray that he thinks about marriage between us, and that our spark never dies,that our love keeps growing and growing for eachother.in the name of Our Lord Jesus, Amen y Amen <3 Thank You soo much.God Bless You<3

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